Victory Brewing Company to Release "Wild" Version of Hopdevil


(Downingtown, PA) Victory Brewing Company’s most popular brand, HopDevil Ale, will take on a “wild” characteristic with the March release of WildDevil Ale.  The Brettanomyces fermented ale is brewed with the same American hops that give HopDevil its grapefruit, citrus and pine flavors but the addition of a signature Belgian yeast strain contributes a funky, sharp tang to this India Pale Ale. This Belgian treatment of the HopDevil recipe makes for a very worldly ale, in which German malts, American whole flower hops and now Belgian yeast combine. WildDevil will be available year-round in 750mL corked bottles and kegs will also be available for the initial period of its release.

WildDevil will be offered during Philly Beer Week (March 6 – 15) at various locations throughout the city and the suburbs on draft and in 750mL bottles.  The official release will be at The Brewer’s Plate on Sunday, March 8th at the University of Pennsylvania ( With Victory’s presence in the VIP area along with DiBruno Bros., WildDevil is certain to be experimented with by attendees wishing to savor the ultimate in food and beer combinations.

Victory did a single test batch of WildDevil in May 2008 with the reopening of its restaurant after an extensive renovation.  “Given that HopDevil is 40+% of our overall sales, we were nervous of our loyal audience’s reaction to WildDevil.” stated Victory brewmaster Bill Covaleski. “Fortunately, our local audience has a great capacity to appreciate the nuanced flavors we create here and they embraced WildDevil with great enthusiasm as yet another tasty option for them to choose from and to complete perfect food pairings.”

Brettanomyces (or Brett) yeast strains are completely separate species from the Saccharomyces yeast strains used to brew most beer and are thought to be closer to strains found in the wilds of nature.  Of the several Brett strains that Victory had to choose from out of its arsenal of yeast strains, the particular one used for WildDevil was chosen due to its unique characteristics in relation to this recipe.  “This strain produces a spicy complexity that interplays profoundly with the intense hop character of the HopDevil recipe.  It sits somewhere near the middle of the range as far as the funkiness it can produce, giving the final product a surprisingly refreshing and unique imprint on the palate,” states Dr. Tim Wadkins, Victory’s Director of Quality Assurance.

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Victory Brewing Company

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