WC Dish Writer's Top 10 Food Pet Peeves


On Turkey:  Call me old-fashioned but when I order a turkey sandwich I want real slices of turkey from a bird not some processed deli meat that is shaped to look like a turkey.   Same goes for ham.  I think deli meat is gross.

On Washing Hands:  How do people not wash their hands before eating at a restaurant?  You open the door that everyone else has touched, you hold a menu that has been passed through a zillion hands and then you proceed to eat and maybe even (ick) lick your fingers.  Grosses me out.

On American Cheese:  It makes me sad that most people order a slice of yellow or white American cheese when there are so many other amazing cheeses out there to enjoy.

BBQ Bachelor’s

On Coffee Creamer:  If WaWa can figure out how to have real creamer available for people to put in their coffee so can anywhere else.  I can’t stand the little creamer cups, give me a real cup of cream for my coffee.

On Ordering Steak:  If I order my meat medium or medium rare and it comes out done it shows that the chef doesn’t care about the order.  Why bother asking how the customer wants it if you don’t prepare it that way?

Kate Brennen

On Bad Service: I hate it when my server doesn’t see that my water needs a refill or is just not a nice human overall. I also, hate brown lettuce and over cooked pasta at a restaurant. It should be al dente.

Sarah Reese

On Chicken Wings: When people are eating wings in public OR at home and they suck the meat off the bone it’s SO uncouth.

Circus Boy

On Gas Station Cuisine:  I’ve noticed while traveling between towns that it’s really difficult to find something healthy at a gas station…some places now have salads in their front case.  I’ve heard in France at the rest stops you can get gourmet cheese and really nice bread, why can’t we at least get something nice.

On Coffee: It bothers me when people serve “specialty” style coffee but do not take the time to learn about what they are brewing or where it came from and the only thing worse is the cafes that fake it, i.e. sell “green” stuff not because they really care, but because it’s good for their reputation and it’s trendy.

On Pepper: I don’t like the lack of pepper grinders on tables!  It makes a 1000% percent difference in taste and wouldn’t cost that much extra.  Many expensive restaurants don’t have them, I mean, you’re going to order a $30 entree and the joint can’t even spring for a pepper grinder?!

Jamie Rogers

See link here for her peeves.