West Chester Scoop's "Stuffed Donut"

Earlier today, having suffered through the horrors of a tripple filling replacement and completely unable to chew, I went in search of something soothing and cold to eat. Ice cream, of course (I have warm-weather wishful thinking too). So I dropped by West Chester Scoop, and ordered my usual Hole-in-one Sundae. Delicious as always.

Before I left, I decided to peruse the flavors one more time — thinking I’d mentally flag some flavors for my next visit. Looking in the case, I spied something new and just had to get one. The ice-cream barista said it was an experiment… he was calling it a “Stuffed Donut”. It’s some kind of a donutty ice-cream sandwich totally drenched in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with powdered sugar. I had to have it.

I don’t think they’ve ever sold these before… I may be the very first customer. At $2, it’s a pretty good deal. I highly suggest you drop by the Scoop and demand one of your own!