What to be for Halloween? Top Food Costumes.

It’s only a few days away!  And I have JUST decided what to be for Halloween.  At first I was going to be Bo Peep and Waffles, (my dog) would be a sheep.  But then I decided I wanted to be a food.  I am pretty opposed to store bought costumes so I know I need to start making mine asap.  So what am I going to be you ask?  A ham dinner. Yup.  That’s right.  It involves a hat and some major construction.  So I’m off to the craft store.

Here are a few store bought costumes I found for you food fans in case you still need ideas but don’t have a lot of time.

The main course:






Fulla Bologna Costume

T-Bone Costume

Fast Food Options

Spam Can Costume






Lobster Pot Man

For Candy-vores: 

Candy Corn

For any other candy you’d wanna be click here.



For Booze Hounds:

Margarita Costume

Tequila Bottle

White Russian 


Beer Pong Table

Lots more costumes to get you buzzed click here.