A Word from Madame Fromage on Chocolate Chevre

Last week, we featured the raved Amazing Acres’ Goat Dairy and all of their cheese glory. Yesterday, Philadelphia cheese blogger Madame Fromage featured one of their beloved, fairly new blends, the Chocolate Chevre.

Appropriate, so she suggests, for sizzler-type days like we are currently experiencing on the East Coast, thee madame states what she likes about this chevre:

It’s not too sweet. It looks like a mini chocolate cheesecake, but it doesn’t taste like one — no gooey consistency or cloying aftertaste. The dark chocolate flavor stands out, but it doesn’t overpower the goat cheese. You can still taste a little tang.

Continue reading here, which we strongly suggest you do, because she also links to a mouth-watering recipe for Black Bottom Cupcakes with Goat Cheese.