He Said, She Said with Kristen and Ron

Photos by Amy Dragoo

The Singles:


Age: 42

Job: A European fashion boutique manager on the Main Line

Hobbies: Being outdoors, volleyball, swimming, kayaking, hiking, dining out, wine and volunteering


Age: 44

Job: Construction manager for commercial construction

Hobbies: Working out, fishing, coaching his sons’ sports teams, snowboarding, skiing, dining out, cooking and traveling

The Restaurant:

Parker’s Prime Steakhouse

4755 West Chester Pike
Newtown Square
(610) 353-5353

First Impressions:

Kristen: Ron was dressed in a classic manner, khakis, nice dress shoes, a collared shirt and sweater.  He looked fit and trim. I tend to go for the “bad-boy” type, which Ron was clearly not and that was refreshing. He appeared to be a gentleman.

Ron: She was wearing a beautiful skirt/sweater outfit with a really cool necklace. Believe me, she really knows how to dress – classy and sexy all at once. I was really attracted to her at the get go. She is drop-dead gorgeous with a beautiful face and I loved her hairstyle.

Kristen: I was the first to arrive and was directed to the bar, so the manager, John, brought Ron to where I was waiting. It was John who made the introductions, and Ron then shook my hand. We started making small talk about why we were both there and what we do for a living, etc.

Ron: Kristen was already there when I got to the restaurant. I wasn’t late, but think it was awesome that she was early. I love punctual people.

The Date:

Kristen: We had a wine tasting and dinner at Parker’s Prime in Newtown Square planned.

The Conversation:

Kristen: We had a bit of a slow beginning. Ron was relatively quiet at first, but as the evening went on the conversation and topics discussed became easy. We have common interests and strong family ties. Ron is very easy to talk to, a good listener and he asked interesting questions, which covered a wide range of topics.

Ron: We talked about everything from family, jobs, the Olympics, childhood, college, etc. It was seamless; I really don’t remember any uncomfortable pauses or “oops did I just say/hear that” moments. Kristen has had a really interesting life with many really cool experiences. I can say that at one point I was just listening and thinking “I wish I could have done that.”

Kristen: The evening passed quickly and, before we knew it, we were the final guests in the restaurant!

Ron: She is very adventurous and just goes with her heart.  I was especially impressed with her love of animals and the rescue work she does. We both have a strong connection to the humane treatment of all animals. I could go on forever here, but let me say that the 3 hours that we spent together went by in a blink of the eye. That was a great sign.

The Restaurant:

Kristen: Parker’s Prime is wonderful! The atmosphere is alluring, menu choices were inviting – from sushi to top grade filet, and the staff are the best staff I’ve seen in a restaurant!

Ron: I had never been there before but was truly impressed with the atmosphere, decor and food. I will definitely go back. The lighting was perfect and the tones and textures were well thought out.

The Wine Tasting:

Kristen: The manager, John, asked my wine preferences so that he could offer a wine tasting specifically to our liking. I was impressed with that, as I have a good knowledge of wine, and appreciated John catering specifically to preferences, along with a few that were new to me. They have a great selection of wines and great price points. John was informative during the tasting and presented the wines in a comfortable setting. It appeared that Ron and I had equal opinions on each wine, so it was easy to choose the wine we would have with dinner.

Ron: We started out with the wine tasting. The photographer was there, so it was a little busy at first but everyone was really nice and it didn’t feel all that uncomfortable after a while. John led us through the tasting and did a wonderful job. I was really impressed by Kristen’s wine knowledge. This girl really knew her stuff, but was kind enough to ask my opinion on each wine. Seems like we have a similar taste, which made it easy to chose a bottle for dinner.

The Service:

Kristen: One word – STELLAR. Coming from a hospitality background, I must say that the staff was amazing. John, the manager, is new to Parker’s Prime, but you would never know it; he has a pleasant personality and made us feel special.  Neal, our server, was probably the best server I have ever experienced. Friendly, attentive, knowledgeable! Ron and I were the last 2 guests in the restaurant and we felt bad about ordering dessert and keeping Neal late, but he assured us that he was happy for us to stay and enjoy.

Ron: I can’t say enough about the service that we received. A++! Neal was really personable and knew the menu inside and out. He made a few suggestions and left us to make our selections. He was really attentive and made sure we had everything we needed without hovering. We kind of got lost in conversation, and it probably took us way to long to decide what we were going to order, but Neal was really patient.

Drinks with Dinner:

Kristen: Ron and I selected the Trapiche Malbec with dinner. The malbec was part of the wine tasting, and we both enjoyed it.  A medium-bodied red, with a hint of spice, it was a perfect choice to complement our dinner selections.

The Food:

Kristen: For an appetizer, I had the Red Dragon Roll with tuna, lump crab and scallion, wrapped in soy paper and topped off with sliced tuna and avocado, finished with a spicy aioli and tobiko. I offered Ron some, which he enjoyed. For the main entree I selected the Flat Iron Steak, perfectly cooked medium rare, served with Lyonnaise Potatoes and Sauteed Broccoli.  Perfect portions.

Ron: I started with a Caesar salad, which was fresh and flavorful. Then the 10 oz. Filet, which was perfectly cooked and as tender as any I’ve had. A side of garlic spinach (my favorite veggie) and truffle fries were both well done. The food was great. Can’t say enough about the quality and quantity.

Kristen: For dessert I had the Cafe Mocha gelato, a deliciously cool ending to a wonderful meal, and Ron chose the green-apple sorbet. All items were beautifully presented, perfectly prepared and tasty!

Any Chemistry?

Kristen: The conversation started off slow, but the wine tasting helped to break the ice.  Ron was a bit shy and I am the opposite, but during dinner we enjoyed learning about each other.  Ron sounds like a great dad and enjoys his career; he’s a very centered individual with varied interests. I really enjoyed the conversation and evening.

Ron: After the introduction and pictures and wine tasting, we finally got to spend some time getting to know each other. I was drawn to Kristen’s sense of humor and relaxed personality. I felt comfortable just being myself and that’s huge in my book. And yes, I did feel a great chemistry and the beginning of a new friendship as well.

Kristen: It was tough to tell if Ron was interested in me, or was just overly shy. However, when he called the next day, he wanted to let me know how attractive he found me and that he did not want to tell me when we met for fear of sounding “creepy.”  A woman always likes to know when a man finds her attractive – that’s never creepy!

Did you exchange numbers?

Kristen: Yes, Ron asked for my number stating the reason was “in case we needed to compare notes on the restaurant!”

Ron: None of your business (just kidding, Yes!).

Was there a kiss?

Kristen: Ron gave me a gentlemanly, quick peck on the cheek.

Ron: A small goodnight peck.

How did we leave it:

Kristen: Ron said that he would call the next day and promptly did so.  He commented on how he enjoyed the evening and meeting me.

Ron: We decided we would give it another go round. I’m really looking forward to it; she’s really a nice, sincere and attractive person; inside and out.

Will there be a second date?

Kristen: We are planning on meeting again next week.

Ron: Hope so. Talked to her today and we’re going to try to get together next week.


This couple has their second date planned for this weekend!

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