He Said, She Said with Matt and Shannon

In this special issue of He Said, She Said we follow a couple out on a romantic date where our single guy pops the big question!  Does she say yes?  Find out!

The Singles:


Age: 31
Job: Fundraiser
Hobbies: Reading, Outdoor sports, Going to Phish shows


Age: 30
Job: Hair Designer
Hobbies: Skiing, Golf, Going to beach, Socializing, Pottery

The Restaurant:

The Olive Branch
142 West Gay Street West Chester
(610) 431-7141

The Flowers:

36 South High Street
West Chester, PA 19382-3225
(610) 431-9414

The Bed and Breakfast:

Faunbrook Bed and Breakfast
699 West Rosedale Avenue
West Chester, PA 19382-5321
(610) 436-5788

Their Story:

This couple has been dating for 4 years.  Matt had originally picked up an engagement ring in December and the day he picked it up was so nervous that he forgot to make the moment special.  In an effort to give his bride-to-be the romantic engagement she deserved he contacted CC to help create a special evening.  Here’s what happened…

First Impressions?

Matt: Shannon was looking beautiful, even if her earrings didn’t match!  She likes surprises, so I tried to keep the details a secret.  With everything we had planned, I knew we were looking forward to a wonderful night.  She did have a pretty nice poof going on with her hair, so I did have to make a couple Snooki jokes.

Shannon: Having read previous He Said, She Saids, I knew we were in a for a great evening.  I had to work late, but when I came and saw the beautiful roses from Kati Mac Floral Designs, I knew Matt had a special night planned for us.

The Date:

Matt: We had met in West Chester and have spent many nights enjoying the town, so I thought it would be nice to try out a couple of places that we had not been to before.  I wanted the date to start from the minute she got home from work, so I had the flowers set up and a glass of wine waiting for when she walked in the door.  Dinner was set for The Olive Branch followed by a special night get-away at Faunbrook Bed and Breakfast.

Shannon: I thought I was going to have a nice dinner out with my honey, but it certainly turned out to be much more than that.

The Conversation:

Matt: We talked about how we first met and I reminded Shannon that our first ‘date’ was running into each other at a breakfast spot down the street the morning after we met.  The conversation was great, we always laugh when we are together, so that was best part.

Shannon: We laughed at how we first met on a typical Saturday night in a West Chester bar.  Of course, it is still in question about who picked up whom.

The Restaurant:

Matt: We had been to The Olive Branch for breakfast, but this was the first time for dinner.  I had walked by many times and always thought their menu sounded different and unique for West Chester.  The whole restaurant had a great romantic vibe.  It is the prefect place for a special date.

Shannon: It such a nice escape from the bar scene; very modern, upscale and sophisticated.  The dinnerware was very unique and fresh.


Matt: I had a nice 2007 Oregon Pinot Noir and a 2008 New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc.  Going to a tapas restaurant, we had to have red and white.

Shannon: Matt brought a lovely white and red wine.  I had a “mocktail” with a complimentary shot of vodka, but I think it was actually two shots! I had the plumtini and the presentation was very cool.

The Service:

Matt: They really could not have been nicer.  Marie, the owner, was so nice.  It was clear that she truly cares not just about the food and the ambiance, but also that her customers have an incredible time.

Shannon: Marie, who is the owner, was our server.  She made sure we were comfortable and had our wines open quickly, but was also very accommodating because I am a very slow eater and she never made me feel rushed.  And one of the other servers saw me scraping the bottom of my lobster bisque bowl and even politely offered more from the back. The soup was amazing!

The Food:

Matt: It would be difficult to pick out my favorite course.  Everything that came out was fantastic.  I love lobster bisque and Marie’s was amazing.  The consistency was just right, not overly creamy and it had big chunks of lobster in it.  The short rib was another stand out.  Marie told us she braises it all day and it showed.  It was fall-off-the-bone tender and had great flavor.

Shannon: We are both pretty adventurous when it comes to eating so we decided to do the chef’s tasting that Marie recommended but really I just didn’t want to have to choose because everything from the Tuna au Poivre to the seared duck sounded pleasing but we made one suggestion, her Foie Gras with cherry port reduction and truffle butter.  That was outstanding.  But I do plan on going back to try the tuna and duck.

The Flowers:

Matt: The flowers really came out beautiful.  Kati has a great eye for design and put together a special bouquet for us.  Certainly a Valentine’s Day-inspired design.

Shannon: I particularly loved the baby pink roses.  It had a certain flair to it that made it stand out from your usual bouquets.  I’m looking at them right now!

The Bed and Breakfast:

Matt: I stopped by earlier in the day and Lori, the owner, showed me around and let me pick the room we would be staying in.  I love places that have a history to them and Faunbrook certainly has that charm and more.  When I saw the room, I knew Shannon would love it.

Shannon: We walked into the room, it was so nice, I thought we were in the wrong room!  After Matt assured me we were not, I looked around and could not believe how gorgeous it was.  Very romantic.  There was a giant soaking tub that I couldn’t wait to jump in to!  The next morning, Lori had a delicious breakfast waiting for us.

The Engagement:

Matt: Well, I don’t want to spill all the details, but we did have a nice conversation about how much we meant to each other, reminiscing about great moments in our relationship and the proposal kind of came out organically, even though I had been planning it for awhile.

Shannon: We were in the room at Faunbrook, sharing a little bit of dessert when he took my hand and asked me to marry him.  Everything happened just as I imagined.

Was it a Match?

Matt: She did say yes, and I certainly hope its a match, or I’m out the cost of one engagement ring!

Shannon: Of course I said yes!  Matt is the most perfect man and everything I could ever want in a husband.

Was there a kiss?

Matt: There was a little smooching.  We will leave it at that.

Shannon: A lady never tells.

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