He Said, She Said with Sheri and Tim

He Said, She Said.  Where two singles meet to review each other and the food. These two singles have such extreme awesomeness that the government wouldn’t allow us to show their faces.

The Singles


Age: 25

Hobbies: Working out, music, movies, travel, being outdoors, dining out

Job: Recruiter


Age: 36

Hobbies: Golf, tennis, music, cooking

Job title: Marketing

The Restaurant:

Avalon Rustic Italian BYOB

312 S High St.
West Chester


First Impressions?

Sheri: My first impression was that Tim was well put together and handsome. I had already seen a picture, but he was definitely equally as good looking in person. Tim has a great smile!

Tim: When I first saw Sheri I thought “WOW, the rest of the guys in the restaurant are going to be jealous.” She was definitely my type and she looked great.

Sheri: He was also quite the gentleman. I pick up on the little things and upon my arrival he immediately stood up and greeted me. He also did not know what type of wine I liked and brought a bottle of white and red, which may seem like a small detail but to me was thoughtful and considerate.

Tim: Her top was a slinky black number that showed some shoulder, which was sexy in a discreet way. I’ll admit that I did get distracted by that shoulder a few times.

The Date:

Sheri: We had a dinner date, which I think is great for a first date. You can talk and get to know each other’s likes, dislikes, personalities, etc. We had a great location and it was very much my style in dining atmosphere.

Tim: We had dinner at Avalon, a BYOB gem slightly off the beaten path in West Chester. They seated us at a table close to the fireplace, which was nice as it was pretty cold that night.

The Conversation:

Sheri: I was insanely nervous because I had never been on a blind date before. The first thing I said was that I had never been on a blind date and asked Tim if he had. I did not feel awkward at any point in the date at all. It was very comfortable, almost as if I already knew him.

Tim: The conversation went very well, so well that 3 hours just flew by. When we got up to leave, we were both shocked that our dinner lasted that long; we were the last table in the restaurant. We talked about our jobs, what we like to do in our free time, music, movies and stuff like that. We have a lot in common, but some different tastes, too, which I like. I don’t think there were any awkward moments.

The Restaurant:

Sheri: The atmosphere was very comfortable. They placed us at a table that was directly in front of the fireplace, which added to the already romantic ambiance. I had never been to Avalon before and was insanely impressed by their assortment of food.

Tim: Avalon had a warm, comfortable atmosphere. Everything was excellent; the food was delicious and the staff were friendly and helpful with menu recommendations, etc. I will definitely go back. If you haven’t been there, you’re missing out.


Sheri: Tim brought a Pino Noir and Pino Grigio, so I could pick. I prefer white, but the kitchen did bring us a complimentary fruity vodka drink, which was very tasty. I can’t remember the name of the drink but it was delicious!

Tim: Not knowing if Sheri was a red or white wine person I brought along a bottle of each. It was a battle of the Pinot’s, and the Grigio ended up beating out the Noir. I honestly don’t remember the vineyard or year I brought; my main priority was that it had a cork and not a screw top. At one point the waiter brought us a little cocktail that the chef put together for us. I think it was a combination of some fruit and prosecco; whatever it was, it was really tasty.

The Service:

Sheri: The service was remarkable. I have to say that they were very friendly and did not rush us at all. They took their time and were very considerate when Tim and I were mid conversation, etc. We were the last people in the restaurant around closing time and they did not rush us out at all.

Tim: The service, like everything at Avalon, was just right. Our server’s name was Jill. She provided recommendations for us both, and checked in periodically to make sure that everything was in order. There were also 2 waiters that saw to it that our wine and water glasses were never empty.

The Food:

Sheri: For an appetizer I had an excellent caesar salad. We also had an assortment of cheeses and sliced bread with an eggplant pepper topping. For the entree, I had the butternut squash ravioli, which were a bit sweet but still very tasty.

Tim: The food really was tasty. We started with crostini’s with olive tampanade (I think). Then we were brought a small cheese plate, which was really, really good. We each then had a salad and I had the braised beef mezzaluna as my main course. Everything was delicious.

Sheri: Finally, for dessert I had the chocolate lava cake. We tasted each other’s desserts and it was all yummmmy!

Tim: For dessert, Sheri had the chocolate lava cake and I ordered a banana bread type thing with a creamy sauce. Both were good, but after we tried each other’s we agreed that Sheri clearly won with the lava cake. I felt bad when she tried mine because she almost burned her mouth because the side that she took a forkful from was still really hot, while my side had cooled down. She forgave me (I think).

Did you exchange numbers?

Sheri: We did!

Tim: Yep. I was very happy once I got those digits stored in my phone.

Was it a Match?

Sheri: For me it was most definitely a match. I felt an instant connection with Tim.

Tim: I would say yes, definitely.

Was there a kiss?

Sheri: There will be no kissing and telling. But I can assure you there was a little spark.

Tim: I’ll just say we walked Sheri to her car and closed the evening with a special moment. A great end to a great evening, and hopefully a preview of more to come.

Will there be a second date?

Sheri: I think there will be and definitely hope there will be.

Tim: I can say with reasonable confidence, yes.

How did you leave it?

Sheri: Tim was very straight forward (which I appreciate), and said he definitely had a good time and wanted to go out again. He walked me to my car and let me know he would be in touch.

Tim: We left it that I would call her, which I’m going to do right now.


This couple has already been out on 2 more dates and are loving every moment of getting to know each other.

Updated Update:

Date number four coming up tomorrow!

Calling all singles!

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