He Said, She Said with Sheri and Tony

The Singles:


Age: 34

Job: GM/Business Owner

Hobbies: Home renovations, kickboxing, working out, playing tennis, reading and exploring new places in Philly or other cities


Age: 25

Hobbies: Working out, music, movies, travel, being outdoors, dining out

Job: Recruiter

The Restaurant:

Ristorante Verona

288 Lancaster Avenue
Malvern, PA 19355-1800
(610) 644-7464

First Impressions

Sheri: He was wearing jeans and button up. My first impression was very good. Ironically, he was exactly my type physically. I got to the restaurant first, so when he got there I stood up and gave him a quick hug and hello. Right away he was making me laugh, which was great.

Tony: She was wearing a black top and looked nice. Her hair looked soft, shiny and freshly washed. I told her that I brought white wine for dinner because I didn’t know if she was clumsy or not – so I figured if she happened to be clumsy, spilling white wine would make less of a mess than red. She got my humor, which isn’t for everyone! Good sign right off the bat.

The Date

Sheri: We went to Verona Ristorante and I was excited because I absolutely love BYOBs.

Tony: We ate and chit-chatted on family, work and the usual suspects.

The Conversation

Sheri: I talk to strangers every day for a living and am social by nature, so it was not awkward at all; however, it was even more comfortable because he is hilarious and outgoing.

Tony: The conversation was smooth, not awkward at all. I told her some funny stories from the past and she did the same. She said that she ends up washing her car a lot because she parks somewhere where lots of birds end up pooping on it.

The Restaurant

Sheri: I had not been there before. The atmosphere was comfortable and the restaurant had a quaint ambiance and good decor. The menu was varied enough so anyone could find a favorite.

Tony: I had never been there before but it was cozy and well-decorated. Italian music played lightly in the background. The menu had lots of items that looked savory. There is an outside veranda that will probably be a nice place to sit in the summer.

The Service

Sheri: Our waitress was fabulous. Not only was she efficient, but she was friendly and quite helpful. I’m a big stickler for quality service and she totally surpassed my usual expectations. There was no rush at all! We were actually the last people in the restaurant.

Tony: The waitress was friendly and definitely knew the menu and mentioned a few tasty specials. Every now and then she’d zip over and make sure we were enjoying everything. The owner came over a few times and was very friendly, too – he has worked with some important chefs and seems to know how to make a great menu.

Drinks with Dinner

Sheri: Tony was kind enough to bring a nice bottle of white. It was very light and just how I prefer it.

Tony: We drank a bottle of Riesling and the owner brought us glasses of orange-cello as well. Sheri decided to do the orange-cello as a shot! She is hard-core…ha ha.

The Food

Sheri: To start we had the antipasto Italiano. It was an assortment of various meat, mozzarella and peppers and was quite fresh. I had the risotto and it was amazing. We each got a dessert as well, which were fantastic! I thoroughly enjoyed dessert, as per usual.

Tony: We got the Carpaccio di Manzo as an app – it was a selection of meats and cheeses and was pretty good. For her entrée, Sheri went with the risotto and I went with the Vitello alla Verona, which was veal, shrimp, lobster meat and some veggies. Mine was good but I should have ordered it with pasta. My fault, though! I thought it came like that. Sheri’s risotto looked pretty filling, as she only got through half of it. Dessert was rocking! A big tiramisu for me and Sheri had some kind of chocolate and vanilla ice cream dessert, which she enjoyed.

Conversation and Chemistry

Sheri: I feel like there was instant chemistry, at least from my perspective. He was totally my type of guy in that he was smart, funny and good looking to top it off. It struck me as particularly interesting that he had such varied interests and tastes, many of which were similar to mine. Overall, I was attracted to the fact that he is a well-rounded person.

Tony: Our conversation didn’t really stop or stumble at all. She seemed fun and seemed like she had a good head on her shoulders. Also, if she can listen to my stories for a couple hours, she can’t be bad! And she likes to pump iron! She has some firm biceps. Staying in shape is important, so that was nice to see. After dinner, we zipped over to MacKenzie’s bar for an hour and listened to some bad karaoke.

Did you exchange numbers?

Sheri: We sure did.

Tony: Yes, exchanged numbers – she mentioned working out together some time. That sounded fun – and then I’ll be able to yell at her if her form is bad…ha ha.

Was it a Match?

Tony: It was a fun time, but you can’t tell that in a couple hours!

Sheri: I think so.

Was there a kiss?

Tony: No way – girls have germs!

Sheri: I don’t kiss and tell. You’ll have to ask Tony.

Will there be a second date?

Tony: The stars could align for that.

Sheri: We shall see. That ball is in his court.

How did you leave it?

Tony: We said let’s chat or text over the next week and see how our schedules break.

Sheri: That we would talk to each other soon.

UPDATE: These singles had a busy schedule but finally planned a second date after their first meeting.

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