Local Wine and Cheese at Black Walnut Winery

The perfect partnership between a wine and a cheese is not an easy feat.

The ideal pairing, unless the masters  get it right off the bat, takes hours of tastings and combining until the flavors of the cheese and the wine are incredibly intertwined.

For Black Walnut Winery of Chester County, who soon will celebrate their one year anniversary, before offering an afternoon of wine and cheese, they spent two hours satisfyingly finding out what works best. Meeting with cheesemakers, Fred and Debbie Mikulak of Amazing Acres Goat Dairy of Elverson, the winery tasted their way through their creamy goat cheese blends while always pairing specific wine, looking for the next best pairing.

Fred and Debbie Mikulak of Amazing Acres Goat Dairy

Cheese maven Kate Stroh of Talula’s Table helped with the tasting held earlier this year, right before the local businesses offered their very first wine and cheese flights.

Lucky for you, Black Walnut Winery promotes these delicious pairings once again, this Sunday, June 27 from 1 to 5 p.m., with the duo behind Amazing Acres also to be site.

What’s the best combination they have discovered, you ask?

Jack Kuhn, one of four owners of Black Walnut Winery, reveals that the Chipotle Chevre with their Spiced Wine is truly incredible.