News from The Italian Social Club

Here’s news from The Italian Social Club in West Chester

It’s raining, it’s pouring, the old man is cooking a great hot meal at your ISC to keep you warm in this ridicules weather!
Having a great meal and getting out of the house is a good prescription to cure these bad weather blues, AND you don’t have to do dishes!
Stop by your ISC tonight and say the word “Flabbergasted” and the first drink is on us!

News & Notes

Men’s Night, as usual, is completely sold out.
The menu is the same except the entree is “Chicken Pavarotti”
Hearty sauce with herbs and vegetables and, of course, Chicken.

Saint Agnes Benefit Brunch Starts March 21st

We will be starting our Sunday Brunch next week 3/21/2010 serving from 10Am – 2PM
This will be EVERY Sunday from now on!

March Madness

This Thursday and until the tournament is over we will be opening the bar at 12 Noon on the days that there is a game.

Ladies’ Night

The next Ladies’ Night will be April 5th
Make your Reservations now

The restaurant is open to the public, tell a friend!

From your ISC Staff