Phoenixville’s Go-To Guide

By Laura Taylor
Phoenixville Fun Guide

The glow of The Dogwood Festival has died down and my sugar rush has worn off. Every year I look forward to Dogwood Days, but I never look forward to the week after Dogwood. I’ll admit: I relished the week-long dinner-making hiatus. (You’d like a corn dog for dinner? Sure, why not! Funnel cake? Yes please!) Who wants to return to a normal week after that? But this summer, Phoenixville promises to bring more fun at every turn – so I’m not feeling the usual pangs of “post-Dogwood” blues.

There’s the always popular First Fridays in Phoenixville. We’ve made quite a name for ourselves here in town with First Fridays. It’s a great night to walk around, people-watch, grab a bite to eat, shop the boutiques, take in the street performances or catch a late-night movie. The summer also brings the Phoenixville Summer Street Music Series beginning June 4th. The series features live music every Friday from now until September 3rd. I love walking through Phoenixville’s downtown any day of the week, but something really special happens when there’s music playing on the streets. The energy changes – and it permeates every inch of Bridge Street. The tempo of life seems to slow and the town really comes into its own. Feet grace the brick walkways and the hum of conversation mixes with the sounds of jazz guitar, bluegrass banjo or the boom of a kick-drum echoing down to the Foundry. People young and old come out to be part of the scene. You even see the historic architecture in a different light. Just walk under the glow of The Colonial Theatre marquee and you can feel the pull of this place. Whether you’re a resident, a regular in town or you haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing a Friday night in the summer, pack up the kids and head downtown. You’re sure to fall in love.

Walk just a few short blocks from the hubbub of Bridge Street, down a quiet one-way street. If you’re not careful you might just miss it: Forge Theatre, Phoenixville’s treasured community theatre for 48 years. The theatre produces six shows a year plus a Summer Youth Program and a Kids Show which showcases younger members. Forge Theatre is hidden along one of Phoenixville’s picturesque side streets, set back from the road and quietly perched between other residential buildings. The Theatre used to don a red door, and I have to say I miss its signature entry, but the door never was the show-stopper. The production “Company” is opening on June 4 at 8 pm. “Company” is about a 35-year old bachelor whose girlfriends and married friends are desperately trying to get him hitched. Attending the show should be a great evening, but the fun doesn’t stop there. When you’re part of a small town like ours, you get to enjoy special after-parties like the one planned following opening night. Head to Molly Maguire’s from 11 pm – 2 am and say hello to the cast and crew and mingle with other audience-members. Don’t just be a spectator, join in and be part of the excitement.

To read more about these and dozens of other fun things to do, check out the complete June Calendar of Events by visiting The Phoenixville Fun Guide’s website: See you around town!