Sexual Healing: A Craving for Crab

Looking for a reason to get excited? Pick up a container of Phillips
Crab Claw Meat at your local supermarket and prepare a quick and easy
lunch or dinner. It could just improve your sex life. No kidding.

“Crab is a great source of zinc and zinc is essential in producing
testosterone,” says Registered Dietician Alexa Hart Bosshardt,
culinary nutritionist for Phillips Seafood. “Testosterone is vital
for the production of semen,” she says.

“Crab meat is also a source of protein as well as Omega 3 fatty
acids,” Bosshardt explains. “While Omega 3’s are great for blood flow
and your heart, eating a diet that includes lean sources of high
quality protein will aid in muscle development and sustainable
energy. And a healthy heart is critical for a good sex life. In
addition, maintaining healthy levels of testosterone can manage that
mid-section weight gain or “beer belly” that many men experience with
advancing age as testosterone levels decline and estrogen levels
increase.” And isn’t it true that looking good always makes you feel

Bosshardt suggests buying Phillips Crab Claw Meat. “The secret to
tasty, affordable crab meat is all in the claw – literally!” While
jumbo lump crab meat may look more appealing, try the claw meat. It
sells for $7 a lb. as opposed to $30 a lb. And it tastes great. The
flavor profile is a bit stronger than that of other grades, but
it’s ideal for dishes like fried rice, quesadillas, spring rolls,
salads, soups and dips.

Phillips Crab Meat is a real star of a food choice for health
conscious consumers as well. It has only 45 calories per two ounce
serving, zero fat grams and no carbs.

Phillips Foods, based in Baltimore, has become the leading supplier
of crab meat in the US. They supply pasteurized crab claw meat to
more than 12,000 grocery stores nationwide.

Have we turned you on? We hope so. Phillips nutritionists are busy
developing recipes that are sure to get you in the mood.