The Blob is Coming!

By Carolyn McSween

There is a whole band of sane, good-natured folks out there who enjoy horror movies. Others of us, either nerds or Art School grads, have a highly refined taste for the Cult Classic. And then there are some who enjoy the occasional wide-screen trip down memory lane, or who are thrilled by historical re-enactments, and still another whole slice of the population who doesn’t care about any of it but who are nonetheless always ready for a good time.

I won’t say which of these categories I belong to myself, and it doesn’t really matter. Whatever the attraction, and there are many of them, Phoenixville’s Annual BlobFest is one of the area’s most popular events of the summer. This year all things Blob are taking over Phoenixville with a monstrous line-up of the most entertaining shows, screenings, contests and “shenanigans” ever to be inspired by a low-budget 1950’s sci-fi horror classic filmed in Chester County.

Prepare yourself for a weekend of spectacle, July 9 – 11. BlobFest kicks off at the famous Colonial Theater, where The Blob first threatened our fair Phoenixville, and spreads to other venues, restaurants and retailers all over town. On Saturday, July 10, from at 11 am to 5 pm, this includes the downtown’s very streets for the BlobFest 2010 StreetFair, where all activities are free for the blobbing.

The Colonial Theater has a full schedule of the BlobFest festivities on their website, Don’t be surprised if, in spite of yourself, you feel strangely drawn into the thrilling anticipation of BlobFest as it nears its touchdown in Phoenixville soon…