Your Name on a Menu and FREE Dinner for 15 People!

There are some exciting things happening at Avalon Rustic Italian BYOB in West Chester.

They are now serving Sunday Night Family Dinners for groups of 4 or more. The Prix Fixe menu is designed to encourage families (& groups of 4 or more) to come together for an old-fashioned Sunday Night Family Dinner to share good conversation & hearty Italian cuisine.

Three prix fixe menus offer a wide variety of choices – designed to please every palate – foodies, vegetarians, traditionalists and even picky children. Highlights include Parpardella Pasta with Lamb Bolognese; Baked Salted Cod Piccata: Pork Trio, Tenderloin, Shoulder, Sausage with Bell Pepper Stew. Adult prices for antipasti, pasta and dolci start at $20.95 with the option of adding a fourth dish for $27.50 to $37. Half-price for children ages 11-15. Free for children under 10. Reservations suggested 610/436-4100.

Recipe Contest

Another exciting opportunity is a Recipe Contest where the winner get a FREE Sunday Night Dinner for 15 people & 15 Minutes of Fame!

Submit your family’s favorite Italian recipe to Avalon Restaurant by February 21, 2010 and you could win:

* Sunday night dinner in Avalon’s private dining room for 15 people
* Addition of your name & dish to the Avalon menu

Everyone who submits a recipe gets:

* $15 gift certificate for a Sunday night dinner at Avalon Restaurant (one per family)

Here’s how:

* Drop your recipe off at Avalon, 312 S. High Street, West Chester on a Sunday night between 5-10 p.m.
* Or email your recipe to Avalon at [email protected]
* Include your name, phone number, address & email address
* Deadline: February 21, 2010
* Winners chosen by Chef John Brandt Lee & Me! Winners will be interviewed on WCHE 1520am and featured in Chester County Cuisine and Nightlife… and, of course, on

The Final Dish:

What do you have to lose? Enter to win TODAY! I can’t wait to try your creations!