Healthy Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe for St. Patty’s Day

Looking for a healthy corned beef and cabbage recipe for St. Patrick’s Day? Here’s one that is full of flavor while still being great for your waist!


1. Buy the leanest low sodium corned beef you can find.

2. Trim off as much fat as possible before cooking and wash under running water to remove surface brine.

3. Use a pot large enough to cover the meat fully and have room to add vegetables later.

4. Corned beef comes with a seasoning packet. This is a good choice of spices.  You don’t have to use the whole thing though, there is usually alot of sodium in these seasonings.  Try adding alternative herbs or even some Guiness to add flavor instead.

5. The longer you cook the corned beef brisket, the more tender it will be. Bring the water with the beef and seasonings to a boil then simmer for at least one hour per pound.

6. When the meat is about a half an hour away from being done, start adding your vegetables. You can use chopped potatoes, celery, baby carrots, onions and cabbage.  Add in stages based on the amount of time required to fully cook them.

7. The carrots and potatoes can go in the broth together first since they take the longest to cook. Celery (if desired) can go in within the next 5 minutes. Add the cabbage when there is about 15 minutes of cooking time left.

8. Continue cooking until the vegetables are of desired firmness. A good test is to pierce them with a fork to see how they feel.

9. When the meat is done, a fork inserted into the meat should easily pierce through to the center.

10. Cut the corned beef in thin slices, diagonally across the grain. When serving, keep the proper portion size in mind.


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