PHAGL: A Golf League for Women at Meadow Brook Golf Club

PHAGL, the Phoenixville Hospital Auxiliary Golf League, was founded over 35 years ago and has been here at Meadow Brook Golf Club ever since!

Their goal is to not only have fun playing golf, but to also make an annual donation to organizations that provide services to families, such as The Clinic in Phoenixville, a facility that provides healthcare to those who do not have insurance.

Here’s all the info you’ll need to take part of the league:

The league meets every Monday morning (or Saturday morning) starting the end of April thru September–but you can join anytime!

Each week there is a different game such as best par 4s, fewest putts, etc., and if you can’t make it every week—that’s okay!

There are also special tournaments held throughout the season, including Member-Member, Member Guest, The Gotwals. You will need to establish a handicap, but that can be done after you join the league. Don’t worry what your handicap is as there are a wide range of handicaps in the league!

Dues are only $35 a year, and then each player contributes a $1 each week they play (green fees, and cart fee if using one, are payable to Meadow Brook each time you play). PLEASE JOIN US!

For more information, contact Pattie Hagan by phone at 610-935-2565 or by email at [email protected]. Find Meadow Brook Golf Club at 1416 State Road in Phoenixville or online at