April Margera Pays Tribute to Ryan Dunn, Shares His Favorite Iced Tea Recipe

Just a year from the death of a beloved West Chester local, Ryan Dunn, and his friend Zach Hartwell, April Margera remembers all the wonderful things about many fans’ favorite “Jackass” through an interview with Town Dish’s Mary Bigham. She shares how Ryan is remembered as so much more than a television star and how close friends and family pay tribute.

The one in the group who “came in like sunshine and made everyone smile” is dearly missed, along with friend, Zach Hartwell, but they should always be thought of on this day in a positive light. One way you can honor Ryan and Zach’s lives on a hot day like today is by making Ryan’s favorite iced tea.

April remembers the moment as “teaching Ryan how to boil water” and while it probably didn’t seem like a big deal then, a simple and beautiful memory like that will stay with her forever. Make your own memories with close friends and family today by enjoying this special recipe, compliments of Ryan.

Ryan’s Favorite Iced Tea  

Boil just over 4 cups of water. 
Place 1 cup of sugar and 6 tea bags in a heat-resistant glass, like a pyrex glass pitcher.
Pour the boiling water over sugar and tea and allow to steep for 10-15 mins.
Stir this mixture so that the sugar dissolves.
In another pitcher add cold water 1/3 of the way.
Remove the tea bags and pour the hot tea liquid into the cold water.
Add more cold water until full and serve over ice with lemon slice.