Avenida Hosts BBQ Cooking Class, June 27

Summer is here! Okay, maybe not officially here but that hasn’t stopped people from cooking out and already having BBQ bashes here and there. The outdoor entertaining scene has very much hit Philadelphia and the burbs and it has hit it hard. Surely you know a thing or two about grilling up juicy meat but your skills probably can’t hold a candle to that of Avenida?!

It’s okay if they can’t, or even if they can. They are throwing down a BBQ cooking class for first timers or professionals and thanks to their friends over at Urban Athlete, the menu is going to be super healthy, too (NOTE: healthy doesn’t mean tastes like cardboard).

Avenida will put their grilling skills to the test on Wednesday, June 27 amidst their lovely outdoor patio, perfect for BBQing. The menu is not completely nailed down yet but it’s in the final planning stages and, rest assured, it will be awesome.

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If you don’t feel like waiting until June 27, and you’re still looking to solidify Father’s Day plans, visit them this Sunday. They will have Free Sangre Maria, Avenida’s special Bloody Mary, for Dads. For the Fathers who love beer, they will also offer a free Avenida Michelada, a special beer cocktail for a truly special guy. Just the right combination of beer, lime and spice.

Photos courtesy of Avenida.