Beer Education and Food Pairing Event with Victory and Kildare’s Coming June 20

Love food? Love beer? Perfect! Food and beer pairings aren’t anything new to the dining scene so it’s no surprise that the West Chester Beer Ladies know how to throw one down. With their heightened beer expertise, they’re choosing a dynamite couple to present this pairing on June 20. Details on the menu and beers have not been hammered down yet. However, if you’re a fan of Kildare’s Irish cuisine and you enjoy a good Victory brew from time to time, then this is one for you!

The pairing is set to unfold on Wednesday, June 20 from 7 to 10 pm. Chris from Victory Brewing and Chase, a beer educator will be along for the ride. Your belly won’t be the only thing full when walking away from this pairing. Stop on by, sip your way through the carefully selected beers and chomp down the food to go with it, all while filling your brain with knew brew knowledge.

You can RSVP via the Facebook page and stay tuned to it for menu updates as well! Cheers!

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