Chester County Hospital Hosts Charity Cupcake Wars

The Chester County Hospital is a pretty sweet place. Friendly employees, excellent services, modern amenities, and even CUPCAKES! Not many other hospitals have bragging rights like that! Well, it’s not on a regular basis that they’re serving cupcakes but on June 14, there was an extra sweet occasion as they hosted their very own Cupcake Wars.

Many departments of the Hospital baked, decorated and displayed cupcakes in the Chester County Hospital’s main hallway.  Visitors could purchase cupcakes from each of the contestants and/or make donations to their associated charity.  The funds that were raised by all contestants were cumulatively sent to the charity associated with the winning entry.  The charities ranged from the one and only Chester County Hospital Foundation to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the ARC of Chester County to Little Smiles Philadelphia Chapter.

The winner of the Cupcake Wars was the Scrabble Board.  They raised just over $1,500 which was donated to The Chester County Hospital Foundation! It was an exceptionally sweet day for them!

Check out the full album HERE!

This message and the photos are brought to you by the Chester County Hospital.