Iron Hill Brewery & Black Walnut Winery Go Head-to-Head in a Beer vs. Wine Throwdown









On June 26th, two Phoenixville establishments will go toe-to-toe in what can only be called the “Thrill in Phoenixville!” Black Walnut Winery and Iron Hill Brewery will be settling their longstanding fermentation feud with a wine vs. beer showdown at Iron Hill Phoenixville. The five course menu served that night will be paired with a carefully selected wine and brew.

In this corner, we have Black Walnut Winery’s winemaker Lance Castle. In the far corner, we have Iron Hill Brewer Tim Stumpf. The two contenders will step into the ring promptly at 7 p.m. We asked the two contenders, and your hosts for the evening, for their round-by-round predictions on the duel:

First Course

Lance Castle (pictured, to left): I think that Tim for Iron Hill will be on the ropes early in the dinner. In the first round, I do not think that “the Cannibal” will be  any match for our 2010 Sauvignon Blanc. There are so many dimensions  to our Sav Blanc’s style and the Cannibal is just a bruiser…no  contest!

Tim Stumpf: We know that Lance will be bringing his best, but we have a few surprises for the reigning champ! For the first round, his delicious Sauvignon Blanc should win in theory, but wait until the crowd tastes how the tropical fruit and zingy herbal notes of the Cannibal light up the cheese dish!

Second Course

Lance Castle: I think that during the second round, their German Pilsner should be able to go toe to toe with our 2008 Mischief. Both strong contenders, but the deciding factor will be how the spicy Sea Bass dish will pair  with the contestants.”

Tim Stumpf (pictured, to right): In the second round, the Mischief sounds like a great choice for the Sea Bass, but the spicy hop notes and refreshing carbonation of the Pilsner plan to give Lance some trouble,” Tim replied.

Third Course

Lance Castle: We shall have to roll with the punches in the third round. We think  that the Sugar Shack Ale has a “glass jaw” and our 2008 Syrah should  be able to take them down.”

Tim Stumpf: Lance will definitely be touching the mat in the third round! The deep malty/bready notes of the Sugar shack were made for marrow! This awesomely rich dish is one of my favorites, and I believe this round is our chance!

Fourth Course

Lance Castle: During the fourth round, our Bank Barn Red will have the advantage of  being the underdog. They believe that their Abbey Dubbel will just  punch through the competition, but we have a “puncher’s chance” to  take the round.”

Tim Stumpf: For the fourth round, we may have to take a few punches and hope for the best. The Bank Barn Red has the perfect backdrop for the blackberry coulis, golden raisin chutney, and oven crisped lamb. In fact, we picked the Abbey Dubbel for this course because of its red-wine-character. Who knows, maybe the subtle caramel-bread notes and carbonation of the Dubbel can make something happen…..

Fifth Course

Lance Castle: Finally, the fifth and final round should be when Iron Hill will throw  in the towel. Our 2008 More than M is a powerhouse port style red wine  with 18.5% alcohol. The only way their tired “2011 Old Ale” will be  able to win is if they have a ringside judge in their pocket.”

Tim Stumpf: For the dessert course, More than M is absolutely delicious, but it can’t power its way out of this one. Old Ale will bob and weave with the almond and short bread, and only the Old Ale has the finesse to work with the black pepper and mint!

Final Words?

Lance Castle: All in all, we expect the Iron Hill contenders to throw in the towel by the end of our dinner!”

Tim Stumpf: We’ll see you ringside!

Tickets are $85 per head, which includes gratuity. Reservations are required so call ahead (610-983-9333) to reserve your one of a kind spot at this extraordinary dinner!