5 New Ways to Use Your Cookie Cutters

My mother recently gifted me a big bag of cookie cutters when she cleaned out her kitchen after three decades. Snowmen. Dinosaurs. Bunnies. A Tennis Racket. Ghosts. Name an object—I’m sure we have the cookie cutter.

Here’s the problem. Dough and I don’t mix well in the kitchen. And sugar doesn’t mix well with my kids. During the holidays, I’ll make my Gram’s gingerbread boys. But during the remaining 364 days, these cutters gather dust.

But now that I’m armed with seven different hearts, holiday shapes galore and a terrier cut-out reminiscent of my childhood dog Sparky, my vision has shifted. Roll-up your sleeves with me and try these five new slants on those same old cookie cutters:

Holiday Ornaments

How easy does this look? One of the best uses I’ve ever seen of a candy that no one actually eats.

Impressive Mini Cakes

Wow your dinner-party guests with individualized mini layer-cakes in the shape of your choice.

Make-Your-Own Birdfeeders

Hello, beautiful! Personalize the shape of these whimsical bird feeders as a gift or for your own backyard.

Tea Sandwiches

Add creative refinement to your afternoon tea or a fun twist to your child’s lunch.

Festive Fruit

Amp up your fruit salad during the holidays by including special shapes of melons, kiwis and strawberries. Try it with cucumber slices or even sweet-potato slices.