Support the Chester County Food Bank by Hosting a Holiday Food Drive

Getting involved in your local community may reap more rewards than you think. By hosting a corporate food drive, you not only bring together members of a central locale in a fun and interesting way but also band together for a serious mission: to end hunger. The Chester County Food Bank has offered some clever slogans you could use throughout different footprints in the business world, some awesome themes to personalize your food drive and several activity ideas that could provide some additional fun to back your goal.



High-tech companies: “Take a byte out of hunger.”

Restaurants: “Turn the Tables on Hunger.” OR “Dining Out to End Hunger.”

Engineering firms: “Design a Hunger Free Community.”

Architectural firms: “The blueprint for feeding the hungry.”

Banks/credit unions: “The hungry are banking on you.” OR “The Ultimate Savings Deposit: Feeding the Hungry.”

Personalized Themes

Food Day: Designate days of the week for specific foods, e.g., Macaroni Monday, Tuna Tuesday,
Wheaties Wednesday, Turkey Thursday, Fruity Friday.

Winter’s Coming Drive: Donations consist of “winter” items like stew, chili, and hot chocolate mix.
(Don’t forget the marshmallows!)

Souper Bowl Sunday: Ask your guests to bring a can of soup or stew to your Super Bowl party.

Corporate Food Drive Activities/Events

Have a “jeans day” and pitch in $5 for the privilege.

Have a Potluck Lunch and charge $3 (or $5) per person.

Have an “empty your pockets” day (or week) and collect all the pennies, nickels, dimes and
quarters from everyone in the office (or school).

Encourage competition between floors, departments or organizations.

Photo Credit: WMSC Radio.