Conshy Girls Bring Wine on Tap to Ambler’s Gypsy Blu

Wines on TapHey beer kegs, there’s a new guy in town—or in this case—new kegs in town. No, not kegs of beer; these new guys are kegs of wine … yes, you read that correctly, wine.

And what a great idea. And it’s about time … Wine By The Tap!

“Agreed,” said Kim Strengari and Marianne Gere, the two inventive, ingenious, dynamic denizens of the Conshohocken restaurant scene. Strengari and Gere are the creators of three successful eateries, Stella Blu, Gypsy and Southern Cross Kitchen. Always thinking “outside the bottle,” they knew wine by the tap would be part of their next venture.

Gypsy Blu

And here it is—their next venture. Say hello to Gypsy Blu, their first foray into the fast-growing Ambler restaurant scene.

Gypsy Blu made its official debut in May, and, as have all their restaurants, it is ever-changing as they search for the right mix and the right recipe for success.

Beautifully housed in a century-old stone building, Gypsy Blu is loaded with charm and character. There is something for everyone—from its delectable menu to its myriad activities and venues: Sunday Brunch is a huge favorite and crowd pleaser, perfect for families. Add in a patio suited for all seasons—with comfy couches in intimate seating arrangements, patrons can sit by the warmth and coziness of outdoor fire pits when chilly or sit with the cool breezy fans when hot.  With a big friendly bar, daily specials and live music, Gypsy Blu is sure to rock your gypsy soul.

Gypsy Blu Exterior

Strengari and Gere listen to and truly value their patrons. I realized this after having dinner one night at Gypsy Blu’s big, comfy, friendly bar. I happened to overhear customers lamenting the lack of enough bar-friendly foods for the late-night crowd. Within days, new choices and a bar menu appeared. And again, as they have done with their other successes, they are currently revamping the menu. Said Gere, “we are keeping a lot of our great, popular dishes while adding some more casual fare.”

Back to the topic at hand. Let’s not forget this out-in-front unique and innovative feature of theirs—wine on tap. Ordered by the glass or carafe, kegged wine offers a much fresher sip. With no open bottles sitting around, the first pour is as good as the last. And these keg wines are affordable and allow for a much wider selection.

Gypsy Blu Interior

Wine on tap is becoming more and more common around the city, as many of its original hurdles are overcome. As better-known and highly respected wineries adopt the practice of kegging their wines, the wine-drinking public is realizing wine in a keg does not mean low quality. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, saving on packaging and transportation.

Of course, not all wines are candidates for being kegged; those that benefit from aging in bottles will not be replaced anytime soon. Yet, there is no lack of perfect candidates. Ninety percent of all wines are produced to be packaged and ready to drink.

So stop by Gypsy Blu, and don’t shy away from its new and innovative wine-on-tap feature. Take advantage of the quality, economical and environmental benefits wine on tap provides. Try it … you’ll like it. You’ll like Gypsy Blu and you’ll happily raise your glass with a job-well-done cheer for this dynamic duo who has done it once more.

Find Gypsy Blu at 34 E. Butler Ave. in Ambler; phone: (215) 283-6080.