Eat This Now: Philly’s Hai Street Kitchen & Co.’s Screamin’ Tuna Roll

Hai Street Kitchen Screamin' Tuna Roll

Ready for a sushi roll with a kick and a twist? Get to Hai Street Kitchen & Co. pronto to try the Screamin’ Tuna Roll. Yellowfin tuna is prepared tartare style and then intermingled with diced jalapenos and sliced scallions. Finish it off with pickled jicama and a spicy Gochujang sauce, made in-house, and the end result is a spicy sushi combination you are not soon to forget.

Find Hai Street Kitchen & Co. at 32 S. 18th St. in Philadelphia, phone: (215) 964-9465, and 125 S. 40th St. in Philadelphia, phone: (215) 349-9482.