Manatawny Still Works’ Distiller, Max Pfeffer, Discusses Craft Distilleries on the Rise

Aging Whiskey, Manatawny Still Works

It seems like everywhere we turn, we’re seeing more and more bottles of Manatawny Still Works spirits popping up. Whether it’s in liquor stores or area establishments that serve craft cocktails, you can expect to continue to see the rise of craft distilleries around the United States. Manatawny’s co-owner and director of operations, Max Pfeffer, notices a resemblance to the craft beer industry, in that consumers are benefiting from better products on the market. “I think there’s a ton of potential in this industry,” he said. “I think we’re in the early end of things.”

Read more of Max’s take on the craft distilling industry in The Reading Eagle.

  • Featured photo credit: Andrew Seymour
  • Article photo credits: Manatawny Still Works