Drink Tops Take Outdoor Imbibing to a New Level

Sitting outside on your deck sipping on a glass of wine this summer just got better with Coverware Essential’s Drink Tops, the outdoor drink cover. Keep pesky fruit flies from landing in your wine glass or dirt blowing in your icy cold lemonade with this creative new invention. Drink Tops are smart drink covers that firmly grip the glass and keep it tightly covered to keep out bugs and outdoor elements, allowing you to enjoy your beverage of choice worry-free.

Coverware Essentials founder Linda Wachter developed Drink Tops to fill a need. She shares, “After years of digging fruit flies out of my wine and learning that they actually release an unsavory enzyme that changes the taste of the wine, trying to cover glasses with napkins or paper plates and worrying about my mother who is allergic to bees, I came up with the Drink Tops concept.” Wachter continues, “Whether I am in my own backyard in the Midwest, sitting on a pier overlooking a lake or visiting wineries, Drink Tops are a must! That’s why I created a full line of Drink Tops that are perfect for picnics, boats, piers and backyards.”

Drink Tops are attractive, silicone covers for drinks that enhance outdoor living and entertaining experiences. A simple tap on the center will seal the cover to the glass and prevent outside elements such as bees, fruit flies, leaves and other debris from entering the glass. In addition, the tight seal stops drinks from spilling over the rim while moving, keeps drinks cold longer and even doubles as a coaster.

The Drink Tops product line includes re-usable, BPA-free, silicone covers in two sizes: standard and large. The standard Drink Tops fit most drink and wine glasses up to four inches in diameter. The larger sized Drink Tops fit most latte and margarita glasses.

The wine glass covers also have a stainless steel screen surrounded by food-grade silicone that allows the wine to breathe.

Drink Tops are sold in singles and 4-packs in vibrant colors so you can easily keep track of your glass. Drink Tops range in price from $19.95—$24.95 and are available for purchase online or via Amazon.

  • Photo: Coverware Essentials Drink Tops