Restaurant Closing: Pala’a Latin American Seafood Eatery in Ardmore

We’re sad to report Pala’a, the Latin American seafood restaurant on West Lancaster Avenue in Ardmore, is now closed, after only being open for about 17 months.

We went to visit Pala’a and were greeted by a note on the door that said:

“To our valued customers,

Due to major circumstances we were forced to close Pala’a on a permanent basis. We would like to apologize for any inconveniences we may have caused because of this. Also, we would like to thank our friends and customers for all the support you’ve brought us by choosing our services and letting us serve you.


Pala’a Restaurant.”

Pala’a was started by Cira Ferreira, Levi Hernandez, and Ivan Brcek and opened in January 2017.

We wish the team at Pala’a the best of luck with future endeavors.

  • Photos: Emily Kovach