Lancaster, PA-Based Pastry Chef Cedric Barberet Wins Food Network’s ‘Chopped Sweets’

Here’s a bit of good news! Chef Cedric Barberet, the owner of Barberet Bistro & Bakery in Lancaster, PA, was a recent winner of the Food Network’s dessert competition show, Chopped Sweets!

Cedric Barberet

Lancaster, PA-based Pastry Chef Cedric Barberet

Barberet went head-to-head against Scott Breazeale of Ford Field Stadium in Detroit, Ashley Torto of the Waldorf Astoria Chicago and Jennifer Gryckiewicz of Sugar Coated Bakery in Dracut, Massachusetts. Barberet emerged as the winner after four fierce rounds. In this episode, titled “Neapolitan Delight,” the host Scott Conant asked four chefs to battle with three classic flavors: strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. In Round 1, Barberet won with a wild strawberry gelee with mascarpone cilantro cream with a century egg (a Chinese method of preserving eggs), strawberry rice crispy treats and strawberry brunoise. For Round 2, he prepared a dessert he calls “Floating Island,” which is a chai latte vanilla Anglaise, cheesecake bourbon apricot poached meringue and fried chicken skin. For the winning round, round three, Chef expertly created a flexi ganache, a molecular gastronomy technique which makes very pliable chocolate, with honey mustard whipped cream, a red berry reduction and a seven-layer cake reduction with chocolate wine. These incredible desserts wowed the judges and helped Barberet  secure the $10,000 prize.

Cedric Barberet is an acclaimed pastry chef who has worked at high-profile establishments, like Mar-a-Lago in Florida and Le Bec Fin and Buddakan in Philadelphia. He has owned his own upscale pastry shop and contemporary French bistro, Barberet Bistro & Bakery, for the past 25 years. In addition to impressive and delicious desserts, Barberet Bistro also serves savory treats, like Quiche Lorraine, Croque Monsieur and bouillabaisse. For all of his menu items, Barberet is very particular about ingredients, sourcing some specialty items from afar (like 83% butter unsalted from Wisconsin), as well as many items from local Lancaster farms.

During COVID-19, Barberet’s bakery is open for pick-up only, and items inspired by Chef’s competition-winning desserts are available for purchase: a dark chocolate seven-layer cake, handmade macaroons, and decadent vanilla eclair.

Find Barberet Bistro & Bakery 26 E. King St. in Lancaster; phone: (717) 690-2354.

  • Feature photo: Courtesy of Cedric Barberet