Foraged in Pennsylvania: Mulberry Frozen Sangria

Usually, sangria is a wine-y punch, a carafe of sweetened white or red wine, with a heap of fruit mixed in and a glug or two of additional alcohol, like brandy. With its origins in Spanish, Greek and British culture, sangria is often a way to use up wine past its prime, or to use up wine that wasn’t so great to begin with. But, it can be a totally delicious summer treat, especially if you use good wine and local fruit. We’ve taken sangria’s refreshment factor to a whole new level by turning it into a frozen dessert, made with foraged PA mulberries!

This recipe calls for a whole bottle of fruity red wine; keep it hyper-local by choosing a Pennsylvania Wine to make your mulberry frozen sangria. The Red Standard from Chadds Ford Winery, Grace Red from Grace Winery, the 2017 Merlot from Mt. Nittany Winery or Rooster Red from Black Dog Wine Company are all great options!

Check out our video for the full technique, then head here to read the full recipe!