Make the Most of Your PA Pumpkins with These 3 Recipes

Ready to take your love of pumpkins beyond pumpkin spiced lattes? There are so many more ways to cook with pumpkin that go beyond the usual pumpkin treats like pie and muffins. Though this fall fruit is often used as a dessert ingredient, as a member of the gourd family, it can easily go savory, just like butternut and acorn squash. While Pennsylvania pumpkins are in season this year, why not try a few new methods for incorporating its classic fall flavor into every meal of the day?

Pennsylvania Pumpkins

The recipe whizzes over at Savor Recipes have shared three excellent methods for packing pumpkin into your autumn meals: pumpkin cream cheese, an amazing spread on toast, bagels and muffins; pumpkin mac-and-cheese, perhaps the most comforting comfort food you’ll eat all year; and pumpkin French toast, drizzled with maple syrup and topped with pumpkin butter. While a lot of “pumpkin spiced” foods don’t actually have any real pumpkin in them, all of these include actual pumpkin puree; whether it comes from a local pumpkin you picked yourself or from a can, you’ll get all the health benefits of this wonderful fruit in these delicious recipes!

After checking out the video, head to Savor Recipes for the full recipes!