For Once in Your Life…Savor St. Patrick’s Day

We all know the typical St. Patrick’s Day for most people- drunken escapades at the local bar (Irish pub or not) dolled up in unflattering green clothing, swilling whatever beer happens to be on special, or if you actually care about the Irishness of the day, you down pints of the black stuff whose name starts with “G” like a…well, like a drunken Irishman.

Listen, every other day of the year you care how the beer you are drinking tastes, why throw that out the window all because some guy ran all of the snakes off the green isle hundreds of years ago? There are plenty of good beers to enjoy while taking a “personal day” from work with your friends. And, if you are a fan of the black beer with the big “G” on the label on other days of the year, there are 3 great alternatives brewed fresh right here in Chester County. Iron Hill, Sly Fox and Victory all make a great dry Irish stout, so take a trip to one of your local breweries on this Hibernian holiday and savor a pint, they are well worth remembering the next day…I’m not sure I can say that about that random person you made out with in a drunken stupor last year!

Here’s what’s brewing at Iron Hill West Chester, Sly Fox and Victory for St. Patrick’s Day 2009:

Iron Hill:

Featured beers- Dry Irish Stout and Irish Red Ale

Menu specials

Sly Fox:
Start Time: 12:00 PM
End Time: 11:00 PM
At 8pm a drawing will be held at both pubs (Phoenixville & Royersford) (a ticket drawn at one, then at the other if the ticket holder isn’t present), some lucky Boot Camp attendee will be awarded a free trip to Ireland. The winner must be present to collect his or her prize.

$2 Donnybrook Stouts and $5 Fish & Chips.
$15 Donnybrook Packs (tshirt and pint glass) Leprechauns get a free Donnybrook pack.
Tom Jolly will stop by with his bagpipes and Patrick Donoghue will play 7-9pm