Snow Cones Make a Comeback This Summer at the Kennett Square Sno-Shak

Blue lips and brain freeze! There’s something retro about true snow cones, and now there’s a new snow cone stand right here in Kennett Square. The idea for the Sno-Shak came to Kathy Price in a flash.

“I went on a road trip with my son and we went through Austin, Texas when it was about 110 degrees,” she told me from inside the Yeti adorned shack. “It was so hot, and a friend of ours took us to a place called Sno Beach. We waited in line for about 45 minutes to get a snow cone and we were so hot and so thirsty. I said to my son, when I get home to Kennett, I’m going to do this.”

That was four years ago, but now Kathy has opened up the Sno-Shak at the corner of State Street and Mill Road. The lot used to be a small gas station, but had been vacant for several years. Kathy has installed a quaint shack, and placed colorful plastic Adirondack chairs and sun umbrellas out front. On the side of the building, her son painted a Yeti caricature holding a snow cone.

Inside, Kathy handcrafts each snow cone, shaving the ice with her new Sno Cone 1000 and gently pouring in  one of the sixteen available juice extracts. “I try to have a good mix of standard flavors and stuff people may have not heard of before,” she told me.

Standard flavors included blue raspberry, wild strawberry, grape, lemonade and mango. Kathy told me blue raspberry is the most requested flavor, particularly among the younger set. “The kids love blue lips, blue tongue, blue teeth!”

Exotic choices include Horchata – a Mexican favorite made of cinnamon and rice milk flavoring and Tiger’s Blood – made with cherry and coconut. “Kids ask and I tell them it’s from real tigers,” She said with a grin. For those that like toppings, the Sno-Shak offers several, including sprinkles, cream, chocolate syrup and marshmallow cream.

On a warm summer day, I tried the Tiger’s Blood, and enjoyed it quickly enough that I had to halt when brain freeze struck. The combination of cherry and coconut was delectable, and I halted as I watched a few folks pull in and order their cones.

Over the summer, Kathy plans to add flavors and also create a snow cone with sugar free flavoring. For now, she is the sole employee, handcrafting each cone, and she is having a blast. “Everybody has been so nice and so receptive. The kids are loving it! Since kids have gotten out of school we’ve been very busy. I’m appreciative how warm and kind everyone has been. I’m having a good time doing this. It’s not like having a job – it’s fun.”

The Sno-Shak is located at 701 West State Street in Kennett Square and is open from Noon until 8 p.m.