New Chef, New Menu & New Beginnings for The Parrot in Gettysburg

The Parrot, a casual fine-dining restaurant and bar in downtown Gettysburg, has its share of history in an already historical town. Now marks the beginning of a new chapter, and we’ve got plenty of juicy details to share.

The Chef

The Parrot’s owner Gus Zucco, left, and Chef Leo Tazza, right

This summer, Leo Tazza has come on board as key member of a fresh staff at The Parrot. Tazza, who is originally from Peru, has built his arsenal of flavor through years of experience in the States. After moving here 15 years ago, Tazza sharpened his skills in the kitchens of a number of renowned restaurants, such as Vail Resorts, Westin Resorts and most recently, The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado. His wide array of experiences taught him a range of culinary styles, but at The Parrot, he’ll draw on his Peruvian roots and add touches of Asian flare.

Creating a new menu has proven a challenge, but one Tazza is eager to unveil. As he builds a strong kitchen staff, he also sees the benefits in creating a team dynamic between the front and back of house. “It’s like a family,” he says. His vision for the eatery is one where patrons converse happily in a welcoming atmosphere and “are comfortable sharing their food.” His passion for food is evident in the dishes he is perfecting.

The Menu

The release of the new menu is fast approaching, and will debut on Tuesday, August 1. The excitement among the Parrot’s staff is mounting as the finishing touches are added to new plates and classic favorites are tweaked and refreshed. Chef Tazza finds inspiration from the agricultural bounty of Adams County, and his new menu will highlight fresh, local ingredients in diverse ways.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new menu items:

The Parrot salad: sliced red beets, spicy radishes, crunchy carrots and salty Parmesan chips are served on a bed of salad greens that have been dressed with a refreshing homemade vinaigrette. Underlying all that veggie goodness is a touch of red pepper and pine nut sauce to unite the flavors.

The chopped salad: Creamy avocados mixed with grilled chicken, salad greens and bleu cheese crumbles create an explosion of tastes. The ingredients are tossed with poblano ranch and topped with smoked bacon crumbles to create a brilliant salad.

Homemade crab salad: A base of cold mashed potato puree is prepared with Peruvian flavors, including a dollop of spicy mayo, then topped with delicate, lemon-kissed crab meat. Crunchy garlic and chilies add an unexpected Asian touch, and a bed of mild greens keep the dish balanced.

The club sandwich: This lunchtime staple is improved upon with house-smoked turkey, thick slices of bacon and ham piled atop fresh tomatoes, lettuce and red onion. The bread is slathered with creamy avocado mayo.  

The Cuban sandwich: Chef Tazza knocks this one out of the park, complete with all the traditional flavors. Melted provolone mingles with a generous portion of pork, and the salty ham, tangy yellow mustard and crunchy pickles make for an addictive combo.

Share your thoughts

We’ll have more information about The Parrot as it evolves in the coming months, and would love to hear your take on the upgrades. Drop in for lunch or dinner and tell us what you think of the new and improved menu. There are also daily drink specials, including happy hour and Wine Down Wednesday (yes, please!). Keep in mind that the dining room opens at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday through Sunday, with limited bar hours on Monday.

Find The Parrot at 35 Chambersburg St. in Gettysburg; phone: (717) 337-3739.

  • Photos: The Parrot