How to Buy Pennsylvania Cheese from Home

Pennsylvania farmers and producers need our help, now more than ever. Throughout the pandemic, they (like many artisans) PA cheese makers have taken a hit; and while farmers markets have been back in action for while now, they can still really use our support!

Below is a list of artisan producers offering ways to buy PA cheese from the comfort of your own home, as well as some smaller, independent retailers who carry local cheese and are offering either delivery or curbside pick-up. Any love you can give to Pennsylvania cheese makers is crucial, now as always. Plus, a little cheese plate is a nice treat with your at-home happy hours!

buy Pennsylvania cheese from home


Caputo Brothers Creamery (Spring Grove, PA): Online shop

  • Items include fresh and smoked mozzarella, mozzarella curds, fresh ricotta, multiple types of provolone, antipasto platter, cannoli kits.

Clover Creek Cheese Cellar (Williamsburg, PA): Online shop

  • Items include: Different kinds of cheddar, Gouda and Alpine-style cheeses, mushroom and hot pepper cheese, and more.

Collective Creamery (Chester & Berks County, PA): CSA Subscription

  • This joint project between Valley Milkhouse and Birchrun Hills is a cheese subscription that brings grass-fed, handmade cheese to you every other week, or monthly. The Spring 2022 spring season will be open for subscribers starting in March! Pick-up sites are available across Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware.

Conebella Farm (Elverson, PA): Online shop & delivery

  • Items include: Various types of Colby, cheddar, cheese balls, fresh cheeses and cheese spreads.

Goat Rodeo Farm and Dairy (Allegheny County): Online shop

  • Items include: Cheese plate assortment, goat milk caramels and merchandise.

Hillacres Pride (Peach Bottom, PA): Farmers Market Pre-Order; CSA subscription

  • This cheese share is 22 weeks, with 11 deliveries of 2 cheese items every other week. Pick-ups are available at Homefields Farm (Millersville, PA) and The Good Farm (Germansville, PA). Farmers Market pick-ups are located at the Headhouse Farmers Market in Philadelphia, every other Sunday.
  • Styles of cheese range from cheddars and colbys to artisan cheeses, such as Hillacres Pride’s Susquehanna and Cave Aged Arcadia, as well as fresh cheeses, like ricotta and its signature flavored fresh cheeses.

Revittle (Harrisburg, PA): Online shop for shipping

  • Items include: Gouda, havarti and various snack packs

buy Pennsylvania cheese from home


320 Market Cafe (Media and Swarthmore, PA): Online ordering for pick-up or local delivery

  • Items include: A curated variety of artisan cheese, including vegan cheese from Conscious Cultures. Plenty of other grocery items, prepared foods, baked goods and more available.

Chantal’s Cheese Shop (Pittsburgh, PA): Shop online for pick-up

  • Items include: Many, many varieties of cheese, charcuterie and specialty foods (crackers, oils and vinegar, jam, mustard, olives, etc.).
  • Local cheeses: Goat Rodeo, Caputo Bros., Valley Milkhouse, The Farm at Doe Run.

Carlino’s Market (Ardmore and West Chester, PA): Online shop, local delivery (Ardmore only) & curbside pick-up (both locations)

  • Items include: a large variety of specialty Italian groceries and prepared foods; local cheeses from the cheese case include The Farm at Doe Run.

Culinary Harvest (Wayne, PA): Online shop only, with weekly pick-ups

  • Items include: Dozens of local cheeses, as well as numerous other locally-sourced products and produce
  • Local cheeses: Farm at Doe Run, Caputo Bros., Birchrun Hills

Farm Fromage (Honeybrook, PA): Online shop

  • Items include: Dozens of Pennsylvania made cheese local cheese makers, as well as its own house label. Buy by the piece or check out the curated Gift Boxes.

DiBruno Brothers (Philadelphia, PA): Online shop, delivery & curbside pick-up or local delivery

  • Items include: Almost any kind of cheese you can imagine, as well as charcuterie, specialty groceries (pasta, sweets, crackers, honey, etc.)
  • Local cheeses: Abundantly Good, The Farm at Doe Run, Birchrun Hills, DiBruno’s own cheese spread.

Lemon Street Market (Lancaster, PA): Online ordering & curbside pick-up

  • Items include: Rotating stock of local yogurt and cheese, as well as many specialty groceries and prepared foods.

Pennsylvania General Store (Philadelphia, PA): Online ordering and in-person cheese counters

  • Items include: Small selection of local cheeses, as well as a curated PA Cheese Tasting Box
  • A huge selection of PA-made goods and regional specialty foods are also available.

Philly Foodworks (Greater Philadelphia area): Online shop, pick-up site & delivery

  • Add on a supplemental cheese box to a customizable CSA-style produce box; local cheesemakers include Hillacres Pride, The Farm at Doe Run, Sunset Farm, Goot Essa, Goat Rodeo Farm & Dairy and Hidden Hills Dairy.

S. Clyde Weaver (Lancaster County, PA): Online shop, delivery and curbside pick-up

  • In addition to many deli meats, prepared foods, coffee and jarred goods, find a variety of Lancaster cheeses, sliced or by the piece.

If we missed any PA cheese makers or local retailers, please let us know, in the comments here or on the PA Eats Facebook page!