22 Pennsylvania Food & Beverage Influencers to Follow

If you want to stay on top of what’s happening in Pennsylvania, follow local influencers on social media! These movers and shakers make it their beeswax to know what’s new and cool, and then share it with their followers. There are influencers of all types who call Pennsylvania home, but we wanted to share a few with you who are specifically focused on food-and-beverage — after all, we are food people!

Grab your phone, open your preferred social media app, and start following these 20 Pennsylvania influencers today:


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A post shared by NINA | FOOD CREATIVE 🍕💭 (@apinchofpgh)

Creator Nina Gleason uses her Instagram page @APinchofPGH to share “a pinch of this and that” in posts that are delicious dispatches from Pittsburgh. Luscious desserts, loaded sandwiches, and lip-smacking cocktails dominate the page, with plenty of other morsels peppered in. Nina is also the founder of Sincerely Pasta, another IG page and sometimes-webshop that showcases her gorgeous handcrafted pasta creations (she is entirely self-taught!).



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A post shared by Philly Food Blogger (@baris_belly)

Bari Goldstein, AKA @Baris_Belly, is a content creator with her lens turned on food, cooking, travel and lifestyle. Sticking mostly in the Philly and Philly ‘burbs, Bari’s Instagram grid is full of beautiful images of composed plates from local restaurants, decadent sweet treats, and the occasional photo of her stylish self.


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A post shared by Bartender Barry (@bartender_barry)

If you’re always on the lookout for ways to step up your cocktail game, give Bartender Barry a follow on Instagram. Barry Johnson started bartending in Philly in 2019 as side gig (he also has a full-time job!), and shares his creative takes on classic and modern mixology with fans and followers. He also owns a cocktail catering company, and has made multiple appearances on local news outlets, like PH17 and Fox29!


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A post shared by Philly Food Blogger (@bellyofthepig)

It’s all food, all the time, on @BellyofthePig‘s Instagram page. This Philadelphia food blogger shares energetic edited Reels aplenty, getting up-close-and-personal with all things fried, juicy, sweet, and savory across Philadelphia and beyond.


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A post shared by Bree Whitelock | Cherishburg (@cherishburg_)

Bree Whitelock’s Instagram page, @Cherishburg_ is the perfect place to discover food and drink gems in Central Pennsylvania. Mostly covering Lancaster and Harrisburg, Bree shares not just great things to eat, but also tons of ideas of fun stuff to do in the area. Check out her blog for more in-depth posts on her experiences out and about.


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A post shared by Dr. Geo | Food & Culture (@geostable)

@GeosTable is founded and run by PA Eats Board member Geo Darwin! The page is full to the brim with colorful snaps and videos of Philly food culture, as well as Darwin’s own travel excursions and cooking adventures. Geo is making waves in other forms of media, as well: They’ve written for outlets like Food52 and Washington Post, host the Table 86 Podcast, write a blog with great recipes and lifestyle tips, and founded Hil.West Studio, a lifestyle brand that celebrates underrepresented artists through art and home decor. Geo is a champion of local Black-owned businesses and creators and is definitely worth a follow.


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A post shared by grub n’nat (@grubnnat)

For a guide to the best snacks in Pittsburgh, follow @Grubnnat, a fun IG page that focuses on the casual bites and bevs. We’re talking fried chicken sandwiches, donuts, fancy coffee shop drinks and more!


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A post shared by Jordan Price (@foodsweatnbeers)

@FoodSweatnBeers is Jordan Price, a Philadelphia foodie who also has major passions for fitness and beverages. Follow along to see moments from her everyday life with her #Instagramlesshusband and their new baby, as well as for a front-row seat to the coolest fitness and food events in the city!


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A post shared by Corinne Foster (@fosterthefoodie)

Corrine Foster, whom we work with closely at Feeding PA (she is the brains behind the Hops & Vines for Hunger campaign), is also a Central Pennsylvania-based influencer! The main focus of her Instagram page, @FostertheFoodie is dining out on a budget. Most of the posts she shares are of dishes and drinks under $15 in Lancaster and the surrounding area, and she digs up some delicious stuff, from tiki drinks to loaded French toast, to epic cheese boards.


@fullonphilly Eating good & meeting fellow creators @Mo Chelle 🥂 #phillytiktok #phillytok #blackowned #phillyfoodblogger ♬ The Kings Affirmation Chill mix Iniko ft Reuel – Reuel Williams

If you love influencers who do not hold back with their opinions, @FullonPhilly is a must-follow. Active on both Instagram and TikTok, Danielle Freeman, is a digital content creator who tells it like it is. If she’s not feeling the food at a restaurant she’s profiling, don’t worry … she’ll let you know. In her snack-sized video reviews, she shares plenty of details about bites, booze and atmosphere at the spots she’s visiting all over the city.


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A post shared by Jae|Food Fashion Farming (@jae_smith_)

Jae Smith is a private chef and entrepreneur, and her Instagram page is dedicated to “food, fashion, farming.” She documents the fabulous events that she caters and the beautiful dishes she creates, with a bit of style, travel and business advice sprinkled throughout.


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A post shared by Philadelphia Food & Lifestyle (@josheatsphilly)

Josh Eats Philly is Josh Moore, a Philadelphia-based blogger and photographer who showcases food and lifestyle across the Greater Philadelphia area. Expect lots of mouthwatering Reels that shout-out local businesses, special dishes and upcoming events. Follow him on Instagram and TikTok.


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A post shared by Kae Lani Palmisano (@kaelanisays)

Kae Lani Palmisano is the self-described “Miss Frizzle of Food” (funny, vivacious, curious), is the host of the WHYY show Check, Please! Philly, and a fun follow on Instagram. She uses the platform to promote her show, but also brings followers along on side adventures, and shares a bunch of posts just for fun.


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A post shared by 💥YOU ALREADY KNOW💥 (@pancakes.and.protein.shakes)

Mike View founded his IG page @Pancakes.and.Protein.Shakes in 2015 primarily as a fitness page, but in the years since, it has evolved into so much more. He spotlights local food businesses in Philly, NEPA, NYC and elsewhere, through delectable photos and videos; promotes charities and organizations that give back; and yes, still features some gyms where the iron-pumping is taken quite seriously. His IG page is a good reminder that social media, at its best, can really create and support communities, and influencers can be the catalysts for those connections.


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A post shared by Lexi, RN✨| Food + Travel Content Creator (@passportflavor)

@PassportFlavor is a food-and-travel page from blogger and self-taught chef, Lexi Stambaugh. She uses her platform to share the prettiest and most decadent bites from her home in Lancaster, as well as from her travels around the world. To go deeper into Lexi’s delicious world, head to her blog where she shares recipes, Lancaster foodie guides and more.


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A post shared by Philly Food Girl {Est. 2014} (@phillyfoodgirl)

Since 2014, @PhillyFoodGirl has been gaining followers and fans with her creative, delicious recipe photos (she’s a prolific home cook), as well as her tempting photos and videos showcasing Philly-area bars and eateries. Many of her recipes can be found in the IG post copy or in her stories, so you can recreate the dishes she shares online!


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A post shared by Philly Food Ladies (@phillyfoodladies)

The Philly Food Ladies are Becca Neckritz and Christina Mitchell, two “hungry post-grads” who explore all the Philadelphia food scene has to offer. From drippy birria tacos to mile-high ice cream cones, they share their passion for local deliciousness with their followers. To join in the fun, follow along on IG and TikTok.


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A post shared by Philly Food Love ♥️ (@phillyfoodlove)

If you love local food, you’ll resonate with the @Phillyfoodlove, founded by creator Sembat Dramgotchian. PhillyFoodLove uses Instagram to showcase “the best food in Philly and beyond!⁣” Mouthwatering Reels share delicious-looking dish after another! PhillyFoodLove also has an active website as well as a TikTok page.


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A post shared by Sara ⎔⎔⎔ OG HBG Influencer (@sarabozich)

Sara Bozich has been deeply committed to the Harrisburg food and beverage communities for a long time. You might recognize her from her blog, or the many events she’s organized and hosted, such as Harrisburg Beer Week and Sip at SoMa. She was also involved with Emmy-nominated feature-length film Poured in PA, and is a member of the PA Eats Board! In addition to this impressive list, Sara is a Central PA influencer, sharing event info, recipes, restaurant recos, and so much more on her Instagram page.


@steel.city.sippin Fall Wine Suggestion #fallwines #OverwatchMe #andGO #fypage #trysomethingnew #redwinelovers ♬ original sound – Kaylee • Wine & Pittsburgh

Curious about wine? @SteelCitySippin has you covered with easy-to-grasp videos focused on wine education. The page is run by a Pittsburgh-based wine enthusiast and Spanish wine scholar (she is studying for the renowned WSET exams) named Kaylee. Check out her posts for tips on how to find great values at PA Fine Wine & Spirits shops, pairing suggestions, info on obscure grape varietals, and more. She posts lots of fun stuff on TikTok as well, so follow her on that platform, too!


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A post shared by Steeling Pittsburgh (@steelingpittsburgh)

Courtney O’Connell is @SteelingPittsburgh, a youthful romp through every corner of the Steel City’s food scene. Expect plenty of engaging Reels featuring craft beer, concerts, cute dogs and culinary experiences, as well as very helpful Weekend Update, which she posts every Friday, sharing the best events and happenings in town each weekend. Follow along on TikTok as well.


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A post shared by @theciderjawns

@TheCiderJawns are Ashley Johnson and Jasmine Mason, best friends, aspiring cider makers and craft-beverage aficionados! Their Instagram page is an account of their journey through the cider and beer worlds, with lots of reviews and recommendations along the way.

Who are some Pennsylvania food influencers that you follow? We’d love to hear your suggestions. Join the conversation on the PA Eats Facebook page and give us a follow on Instagram while you’re at it!