Pennsylvania Kitchen: How to Make a PA Greyhound Cocktail

Looking for a cocktail that’s refreshing, elegant and fuss-free? Put away your eyedroppers, atomizers and even your cocktail shakers, because our friends from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board (PLCB — the state-run organization responsible for all of the Fine Wine & Good Spirits shops) have shared the easiest drink recipe ever: the Pennsylvania Greyhound. Fresh grapefruit juice and PA-made Bluecoat Gin over ice make a tantalizingly tart and intriguingly floral combination; try it for a relaxing happy-hour sipper or instead of a screwdriver with brunch.

Pro tip: Don’t skimp on the juice (canned or bottled citrus just isn’t the same) or the quality of the spirits. Bluecoat is made by Philadelphia Distilling in Philly — its incredible tasting room is totally worth a visit if you’re in the area. Bluecoat offers a complex, balanced, gorgeous mix of organic botanicals, which makes it so delightful to drink, especially for the price point.

This recipe was brought to the Pennsylvania Kitchen by Nathan Snelbaker, a highly trained wine specialist at the Fine Wine & Good Spirits Premium Collection in Hummelstown. Many of the state stores now employ people like Snelbaker, who have long tenures in the industry and who know their way around nearly every product on the shelves. Even though Snelbaker is a wine and spirits expert, we love that he shared such an approachable, unpretentious cocktail with us! We’ll be mixing and enjoying Pennsylvania Greyhounds all summer long …

Watch our video for the technique, then check out the full recipe here!