Preserve & Can Summer’s Fresh Flavors with Tips from PA Veggies

Canning TomatoesBeginners and canning pros will find easy-to-use tips to keep summer fruits and veggies fresh all year long courtesy of the Pennsylvania Vegetable Marketing and Research Program’s How to Preserve and Can Veggies, one of many tasty resources available on during Pennsylvania Produce Month.

During the height of summer, it’s almost impossible to keep up with quickly growing fresh produce. Try these simple methods and enjoy Pennsylvania farmed goodness year-round:


  • Freezing requires just a little preparation and is quick and easy. Learn how it’s great for squash, corn, tomato sauce, peppers, vegetable stocks and melons.
  • Dehydration doesn’t mean in a fancy machine—the oven will do the trick. Master this technique for fruits, veggies and even vegetarian jerky.


  • Pickling uses brine and can even be done in the refrigerator. Try making fridge pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut, PA Dutch Chow Chow and watermelon rinds.



  • Preserving is known for sweet spreads, but savory jams and jelly are all the rage. Explore pepper, onion or tomato jam!

Canning 2Advanced-Expert

  • Canning takes some time and effort but is well worth the results: fresh flavor from preserving as close to the produce’s original nature as possible. Think corn, tomatoes, eggplant, salsa and chutney.
  • Make sure to scan the bonus tips from canning authority Marisa McClellan of Food in Jars. is also serving up a Vegetable Grilling Guide plus recipes from top Pennsylvania chefs, including Philadelphia’s Marc Vetri and Pittsburgh’s Trevett Hooper.

Other resources for the home cook include How to Prepare Veggies, Guide to Pennsylvania TomatoesTips from Pennsylvania’s Finest Chefs, PA Vegetable Seasons and Buying Tips, Nutritional Information plus Fun and Healthy Facts.

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  • Photos: Linda Schneider

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