Urban Churn Makes an Unexpected (and Very PA) Flavor for New Year’s

Urban Churn, one of our favorite stops for ice cream in Harrisburg, is no stranger to creative flavors. Throughout the seasons at this artisan ice cream stand in Harrisburg’s Broad Street Market, you’ll find its old-fashioned ice cream in varieties like watermelon dill, black sesame peach, avocado chili with honey and horchata rum.

But there are a handful of flavors where Urban Churn takes it farther, drifting from “creative” toward “eccentric.” Some of these experiments are odes to Pennsylvania food icons like scrapple and bread and butter pickles. But one flavor that just seems hard to imagine ice cream-ified is sauerkraut. Yes, sauerkraut ice cream.

This cult favorite is featured on Urban Churn’s menu sporadically throughout the year, but for the past three years has been making a special appearance for New Year’s, as sauerkraut is PA’s favorite food to enjoy on New Year’s Day. There’s no pork involved (that’s okay, we think), but it’s still a sweet way to uphold a PA-proud tradition on the first of January! Stop into the shop to snag a pint or two, and bring your kids along! Urban Churn is treating kids to a free scoop of sauerkraut ice cream during the first week of January (while supplies last).

Find Urban Churn at 1233 N 3rd St. in Harrisburg; phone: (717) 884-8396.

  • Feature photo: Alexandra Whitney Photography