Pennsylvania Kitchen: Behind the Scenes with Collective Creamery

We’ve been fans of Collective Creamery ever since it started up — after all, it’s a team of two cheese makers whose cheese is the stuff of dairy dreams. Sue Miller of Birchrun Hills Farm from Chester County is one of the region’s most respected cheese makers, and her glorious cheeses, like Fat Cat and Birchrun Blue are some of our absolute favorites. Stefanie Angstadt of Valley Milkhouse Creamery, in Berks County, makes show stopping European-style soft-ripened and aged cheeses, like the charcoal ash-dusted Witchgrass, that are so elegant and wonderful. Together, Miller and Angstadt created Collective Creamery with the goal of “working together to reach more families with their wholesome, artfully crafted cheeses and to continue to develop the quality of American artisan cheese.”

Through Collective Creamery, Miller and Angstadt offer a cheese subscription program to the Greater Philadelphia Area, and it’s the only cheese subscription program that connects you directly with cheese makers (it’s also the only cheese subscription run by cheese makers!). Each grass-fed, handmade cheese arrives with stories of the folks who made it, uniting curious eaters and artisan producers across Pennsylvania and across the Mid-Atlantic region.

We had a great time hanging out with both of these PA cheese makers in the Pennsylvania Kitchen, talking and learning about and, of course, eating plenty of local cheese! Take a look behind the scenes, then get excited about awesome tartine and cheese board how-to’s coming to PA Eats soon.