Pennsylvania Kitchen: Chester County Food Bank’s Veggie Grain Bowl

Chester County Food Bank (CCFB), has been fighting hunger and food insecurity in Chester County since 2009, working to put fresh, healthy food in the hands of the community’s most vulnerable, and to provide cooking and nutrition education. So, it understands all about the challenges of putting a nutritious meal on the table for the whole family. At the end of the day, when everyone may be worn out, it can be all too tempting to hit the drive through or order a pizza. And while that’s all good on occasion, CCFB is all about finding clever, frugal ways of getting fresh veggies and whole grains on the table in under 30 minutes, and for just a few dollars per person.

Case in point: This veggie grain bowl, which is one of those “non-recipe recipes” that we love so much, is more of a technique than the kind of recipe you’d need to look up in a cookbook. While we think grain bowls taste best when topped with seasonal, local produce, you can use anything you’ve got on hand. A super hack, the next time you’re making a recipe that calls for rice or another grain, is to make a double batch and freeze half of it — yes, you can freeze grains! A quick simmer on the stove or turn in the microwave and they are ready to go. That way, all you need is a handful of veggies, and a few pantry staples, like canned beans and tuna, and a convenient, crowd-pleasing and nutrient-packed dinner (or power breakfast!) is just a few minutes away.

Watch the video to get the technique for Chester County Food Bank’s veggie grain bowls, then head here for the recipe!