Pennsylvania Kitchen: Chester County Food Bank’s Breakfast Quinoa Bowl

Breakfast is commonly heavy on the carbo-loading: toast, pancakes, French toast, bagels, donuts and so on. It’s a pretty intense way to start your day, especially if your first task of the day includes sitting in a car or at a desk. We’d prefer something for the most important meal of the day that’s both light and hearty, with plenty of protein, fiber and even some veggies thrown in to get our motor running. This breakfast quinoa bowl, courtesy of Chester County Food Bank, checks all of those boxes, and it is affordable, too ⁠— at just $2 per serving, it’s a nutritious and budget-conscious way to start the day!

This is one of those recipes that isn’t really a recipe; it’s more of a technique that you can amend, edit or tailor as you see fit, especially if you’re trying to use up a certain ingredient or clean out the fridge. Not a fan of quinoa? No biggie — any grain will do. We use canned black beans, but you could use nearly any kind of bean or legume; canned tomatoes can swap for fresh, and some leftover sauteed greens or broccoli would be right at home here, too. Just be sure to use a fresh, farm-raised egg from a Pennsylvania farm (like Weikert’s Egg Farm in Gettysburg or Nature’s Yoke in Lancaster) and, for maximum flavor, top the bowl with a sprinkling of fresh herbs and your favorite hot sauce!

Check out the video for the technique, then head here for the full recipe!