Try These Savvy Cheese Storage Tips from the PA Cheese Guild

We’re not down with food waste in any way. Not only is it more economical and environmentally-friendly to use up odds and ends, like beet greens and potato peels, or stretch a whole chicken by making bone broth, but it’s also super-satisfying! One thing that’s unfortunately all too easy to have to toss because of improper storage is cheese. And what a shame it is, when you’ve scooped up a nice wedge of cheese from your local dairy farm and a little hunk of it languishes in the drawer until it’s dried out to eat. Throwing away what was once perfectly good cheese is a real bummer.

Storing cheese properly isn’t complicated. In fact, it just takes an extra minute to ensure that your cheeses are snuggled up safely to last a nice long time. This video from the PA Cheese Guild shows how it’s done. There are different techniques for various types of cheeses, and while each method uses a specialty cheese paper, like Bees Wrap or Formaticum, there’s an easy swap with wax paper and a plastic storage bag, too!

Check out the video, and if you’re feeling stoked on local cheeses, consider becoming a member of the PA Cheese Guild at the Enthusiast level! Find more info here.