Foraged in Pennsylvania: No-Bake Chocolate Mulberry Tart

In the summer, when everything is blooming and ripening, if you happen to find yourself with a haul of mulberries – maybe from a neighbor blessed with a mulberry tree, or from your own Pennsylvania foraging adventures – this no-bake tart is an amazing way to use them up. Mulberries, with a powerful hit of tart flavor, aren’t always as snack-friendly as cultivated berries, especially if picked before they’re fully ready. Their heady sourness is tempered a bit here with a dash of PA honey, rich local dark chocolate (try Sugar Plum or Éclat) and a swirl of decadent mascarpone cheese.

The deep purple filling is layered on a chocolate cookie pie crust, chilled to set, and then topped with sugared whole mulberries for a charming effect. Bring it along to a summertime gathering for an impressive, locally inspired finale to the meal!

Watch our video to learn how to make a no-bake mulberry tart, then head here for the full recipe!