Pennsylvania Kitchen: Behind the Scenes with Amer Chaudhry of Falafel Shack

Our next guest in our Pennsylvania Kitchen video series is Amer Chaudhry, the owner of Falafel Shack in Chambersburg, PA. With an eye on freshness, seasonality and locally sourced produce, Amer and his wife Jasmina are clearly passionate about both food and their community — the food on their menu is so carefully and lovingly made! In fact, their journey to becoming restaurateurs started in 2013, when they were serving falafel and hummus in Chambersburg’s only outdoor farmers market, North Square Farmers Market. Each season, their customer base increased, and in August 2018, they moved the business to a brick-and-mortar spot on Main Street.

Amer was born and raised in Saudi Arabia and is of Pakistani and Bengali descent, and Jasmina is from Bosnia, and they both infuse their cultures throughout the Falafel Shack’s food and decor. According to Jasmina, it is their goal to “continue to come up with more innovative ways to open people’s minds and expand their palates in Franklin County.” Take a peek at the Falafel Shack’s Instagram to see the tasty dishes Amer and Jasmina are serving up each day, then check out our behind-the-scenes video with Amer. Stay tuned for delicious Middle Eastern recipes from Falafel Shack, coming soon on PA Eats!