41 Prime PA Butcher Shops

We go to our neighborhood butchers not only for fresh, choice meat, but for friendly faces who knows the people they serve. Local butcher shops and meat markets are often quintessential mom-and-pop shops, run and visited over generations. There’s been a recent revival of butcher shops, with new school businesses meeting the ongoing demand for all things artisan, small-batch, and local. Whatever its history, the neighborhood butcher is integral to its community.

Shopping for meats at your neighborhood butcher or meat market bolsters your local economy, supports small businesses and nearby farms while cutting down on the carbon footprint created by industrial farming and transportation. It’s the choice way to procure high-quality and delicious food in a sustainable, local-loving way.

We’ve rounded up 41 prime butchers and meat markets in PA, offering a cut above to their communities. While there are numerous game processors and custom butchers across Pennsylvania, we’re focusing on the shops with walk-up counters and market presence offering proteins that are fresh cut and ready to go!

Northwestern PA

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Gordon’s Butcher & Market in Erie offers a beautiful array of butchered meats you can grab in-store or have shipped to your doorstep any day of the week. Steaks, ground meat, pork, bacon, sausage and chicken are a few options, in addition to deli cuts and seafood. The Erie box ships you a carnivorous Erie sampling, including hot dogs, pepperoni balls, ox roast and a bag of sponge candy to top it off. The summer edition box swaps out ox roast for free-range, grass-fed, Wagyu burgers. The location (and ownership) of Gordon’s has shifted a few times over the decades, but it remains a solid source for all things meaty. 4815 Peach St., Erie; (814) 864-5640.

Main Street Market is a country store with a quaint, family feel in the small town of Polk. Beyond its grocery section, Main Street Market offers fresh-cut and smokehouse meats, homemade sausage and ready-made hot foods seven days a week. You can grab cuts like prime rib, steaks, roasts, chucks, sirloins and tenderloins here, or go for the wildly tasty house smoked-beef sticks, kielbasa, or jerky. Patrons love the hoagies and hot food bar, which you can enjoy in the cozy, wood-paneled dining area. What’s more, Main Street Market hosts live bluegrass on select Saturdays, September through May, with coinciding supper specials. It doesn’t get much more down-home than that! 714 Main St., Polk; (814) 432-5558.

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Meat Guyz has a reputation for superior quality meats and friendly vibes. Formed by a group of young men in New Castle, Meat Guyz shares its specials, featured items and uplifting quotes on its Instagram page, and you’ll soon find easy ordering on its rapidly developing website! Head to the shop any day of the week to try its hand-cut steaks, burgers, pork, chicken, lamb chops, sausage, kebabs and much more. The popular Mystery Box contains a “glorious 2 – 3 pound mountain of meat,” a potential gateway to new cuts and proteins you may not have tried otherwise. Check it out and taste what the buzz is about! 1703 W. State St., New Castle; (724) 202-7380.

Jack Bell’s Meat & Poultry is an Allegheny region staple, operating since 1971 and ready to scratch any meat-lover’s itch. Its choice meats include baby back ribs, NY strip steaks and ribeyes, and its grand grillers are an array of wrapped and stuffed veggies and meats ready to sizzle on the barbie. Jack Bell’s hickory smokehouse churns out goods like teriyaki or maple beef sticks, pepper jerky and kielbasa. Jack Bell’s top offering might be its 50 house-made sausages, like the Kick Ass with jalapeño and hot cheese, and its holy grail Greek sausage with spinach and feta. Keep tabs on Jack’s Bells on their Facebook page to plan your visit any day of the week. 401 N. Fraley St., Kane; (814) 837-7321.

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Straight Off the Block has offered both fresh, custom meats and delicious grab-and-go meats since 2022, when Chad and Heather Raught first set up shop. You’ll find a solid array of steaks, beef, chicken and pork, plus mouthwatering ready-to-cook items, like steak and lobster pinwheels wrapped in bacon, leek loaf (meatloaf with fresh leeks) and cajun blue backyard burgers. The shop’s Facebook page is always up-to-date, and you can check out Straight Off the Block’s lively YouTube for tutorials, tips and skits. It’s open every day but Sunday. 10 Center St., Sheffield; (814) 851-3008.

Southwestern PA

Founded by fourth-generation butcher, Freddy Pflugh, Milkhouse Meats emphasizes natural, high-quality meats, local sourcing, and humane treatment of animals. Farm-raised, hand-cut meats include over 25 cuts each of beef and pork, over 15 sausages, chicken, turkey, and lamb options and roasting hogs. You can also grab kebabs, pinwheels, pepperoni rolls, and stuffed everything: meatballs, mushrooms, chicken, pork chops, cabbage and peppers, any day but Sunday. Milkhouse keeps your pup in mind, too, with smoked bones, frozen goats milk and beef and organ blends. Find Milkhouse’s Facebook page to stay up-to-date on happenings and weekly specials. 786 Mercer Rd., Beaver Falls; (724) 846-0222.

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Stone House Butcher & Provisions in Farmington, not far from Fallingwater, is housed in a historic hospitality house built in 1822. You’ll find beef, beef sticks, jerky, chicken and pork for purchase, Tuesday to Sunday. Customers love the steaks with flank steak, filet mignon, steak burger and steak tips being the favorites. The mouthwatering Butcher’s Grill package, available to ship, includes three different steak cuts, burgers, chicken breasts, pork chops and Stone House’s signature grill rub and steak sauce. 3023 National Pike, Farmington; (724) 329-2022.

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Family-owned Smithmyer’s Superette has been cutting and grinding its meats in-house since 1965. These days, they ship out, deliver nearby and offer an easy curbside pickup in addition to the retail shop experience, seven days a week. Certified Angus beef abounds here, like an 18-ounce T-bone, rump roast and burger packs. Sausage fans will love sweet, hot, and maple options. There’s also smoky mountain and teriyaki jerky, kielbasa and summer bologna, in-store and shipped out on Tuesdays. Find sales and giveaways on Smithmyer’s Suparette’s Facebook page. 163 S. Mary St., Loretto; (814) 472-8577.


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Tom Friday’s Market is an old-time butcher shop, operating since 1955. It’s among the few remaining butchers with fresh, hanging sides of beef, corn-fed for optimal tenderness and marbling. You’ll find a huge variety of beef, pork and chicken, plus house-smoked items. The friendly butchers are known for accommodating requests and will point you in the right direction, though you can’t choose a wrong cut of the daily-trimmed meats. The bacon is outrageous, and the ground blend of short rib, chuck, sirloin and brisket is top-notch. Follow Tom Friday’s on Facebook for the latest, and head there in-person Monday through Saturday. 3639 California Ave., Pittsburgh; (412) 766-4500.

Dave’s Country Meats has been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 40 years. With loads of meats, sausages, prepared foods and more, Dave’s is a longtime, regional one-stop-shop for many. It boasts a 32-foot display case full of beef, pork and poultry. People drive for miles, Tuesday through Saturday, to grab beef sticks, jerky and sausage links, and the deli sandwiches and hot lunch menu are perfect for a quick fix. Dave’s will also cook and carve a a whole pig for a roast enjoyed off-site. 1359 Pittsburgh Rd., Valencia; (724) 898-3280.

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Strip District Meats, hailed as “heaven for carnivores,” has got it all. Beyond the usuals (beef, poultry and pork), you’ll find a wide range of exotics, like alligator, elk, emu, kangaroo and reptiles, seven days a week. The revolving weekly sausage schedules might make you drool, with sausages like citrus IPA pork, raspberry maple chicken and Korean BBQ beef. Check out the recipes on its website, with all kinds of ideas, like ostrich burgers and grilled wild boar chops. What’s more, they accept PA EBT cards for those paying through SNAP. Keep tabs on seasonal offerings through its Facebook page. 2123 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh; (412)391-1762.

Fat Butcher
Steve Dawson of Fat Butcher

Fat Butcher in Lawrenceville is a new school butcher with old school quality. Owner Steve Dawson sources local, pasture raised animals and butchers nose to tail. Try cuts, all done in house, like flank, hanger, petite sirloin, ribeye, Vegas, short ribs, shank and Sante Fe. Fat Butcher creates burgers, sausage and paté with the trim, broth with the bones and tallow and schmalz with the fat with a waste-not-want-not mentality. We suggest chatting with the helpful, knowledgeable staff for recommendations and trying something new. At Fat Butcher, you can’t miss. 5151 Butler St., Pittsburgh; (412) 408-3213.

North Central PA

Leona Meat Plant has evolved from local farm butchery to a retail shop serving the Troy community since 1973. Brothers Chick and Mike Debach, along with their families, have run Leona for decades, offering up fresh-cut meats and traditional smoked hams and bacon. This old-school butchery takes a modern, sustainable approach as an Animal Welfare Certified and NOFA-NY Certified Organic custom meat processor. For a great variety and food for days (or weeks), try one of the choice bundles. The Super Deluxe gets you over 50 pounds of meat, including ham and Delmonico steaks, London broil and Italian sausage. For the grill lovers, try the BBQ Bundle with burgers, boneless steaks, and Hazle hot dogs. Or stick to the classic cuts of grass-fed beef and pastured pork, and taste the local difference. Closed Sundays. 1961 Leona Rd., Troy; (800) 416-3968.

Bryan’s Meat Cutting & Country Butcher Shop is known for amazing hickory smoked bacon and bundles of beef and pork sourced from local farms. It has won awards for said bacon, plus smoked ham, sausages, venison and more. It’s a family-owned establishment that started with Bill and Becky Bryan in 1981, and now thrives under the management of their son Dan Bryan, and his siblings and his sons. Try the Philly cheesesteak bratwurst, the house-smoked horseradish cheddar and the ready-to-cook beef brisket, available Tuesday through Saturday. 8861 Springfield Rd., Milan; (570) 596-3334.

Tony’s Delicatessen & Fresh Meats has been serving Williamsport since 1977, and is a longtime local go-to for products like grass-fed steaks, ground meat, hormone and antibiotic-free pork and poultry, fresh deli cuts and rave-worthy cookies. The popular premade items are no joke, like chicken salad and heat and serve meals like meat lasagna, pork BBQ and hamburger BBQ. Plan ahead and head there weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 508 Washington Blvd., Williamsport; (570) 322-8329.

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Mark’s Custom Meats, open Tuesday through Saturday, is a 30-year-old, family-run business that has expanded its retail shop offerings in recent years. All beef, pork and lamb sold here is raised within 30 miles, so you know you’re consuming locally. The steak and bacon gift box is a top-seller, along with filet mignon, burgers, ham loaf and chicken sausage. Mark’s offers flash-frozen, vacuum-packaged goods shipped or conveniently scooped up curbside. You can send your favorite meat-lover an e gift card, and let them do the choosing! 4101 Nittany Valley Dr., Howard; (814) 383-4520.

South Central PA

Warrington Farm Meats is an old-fashioned, family-run butcher with newly expanded facilities that include a lovely retail shop. You’ll find cases stocked with fresh-cut, ground and smoked meats, plus other goodies. Specials are on its Facebook page, like bulk packages of Wagyu beef. Warrington Farm’s sausages are beloved, including sage, sweet turkey, pork chorizo and Mediterranean chicken. Head there any day but Sunday to see what the buzz is about! 156 Old Cabin Hollow Rd. #9773, Dillsburg; (717) 432-5229.

The history of Groff’s Meats goes back four generations to 1875, when the Groff brothers first opened up shop to sell meat from their cattle farm. Today, Groff’s is an old-fashioned-style family butcher that gets quite busy with a friendly, well-staffed counter to meet the demand Monday through Saturday. The sweet bologna and country sausages are huge hits, while the specialty roasting pigs, ranging up to 200 pounds, can feed everyone at your next big shindig. Cut meat includes beef, pork, poultry and deli products. 33 N. Market St., Elizabethtown; (717) 367-1246.

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At Holland Bros Quality Meats & Catering, you’ll find beef sourced from nearby Angus View Farm, pork and award-winning smoked meats and bone-in ham. For large parties, you can order a pig roast, cooked with stuffing or fresh and ready-to-cook. Order online and have jerky, pulled pork or scrapple delivered right to you. It’s open every day but Sunday. 16627 Dunnings Hwy., Duncansville; (814) 695-5450.

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At Frederick’s Meat Market, you’ll find fresh-cut beef, pork, poultry and seafood. Grab a pack of their burgers for delectable grilling, with burger flavors like Italian steak hoagie and mushroom and Swiss. BBQ lovers will enjoy Frederick’s signature BBQ pork chops or ribs and dinner is done for you with ready-made options, like stuffed meatloaf and ox roast. Try out its recipes, like crock pot roast beef and sweet and sour meatballs, and visit Monday through Saturday to sample Frederick’s incredible variety. 1077 E Main St., Roaring Spring; (814) 224-4812.


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At Back Home Beef in Honesdale, you can taste the difference of chemical-free, 100% pasture-raised and grass-fed meat. Instead of a brick-and-mortar facility, you’ll find owner Nathan Hicks at his stop-and-shop stand on Smith Hill Road, with fresh, packaged ground beef, ribs, roasts and steak available weekdays. Call ahead for product pricing. You can also custom order as much as a whole cow, a half or a quarter, cut to your choice of ground beef, roasts, and steaks that Back Home delivers frozen right to your door. 9 Brill Rd. and Smith Hill Rd., Honesdale; (570) 251-1814.

Stepniak Beef in Hop Bottom has been doing its thing since the 1920s, with no lapse in quality. It regularly collects awards at the PA Association of Meat Processors conventions, and gains local accolades for its bacon products. Visit its retail market Monday through Saturday to grab a ribeye, bourbon bacon or beef sticks. 142 Oakley Rd., Hop Bottom; (570) 289-4353.

The unique Alpine Wurst & Meat House is a German-style butcher and smokehouse with meat products sold in markets all over NEPA and beyond. Owner Mark Eifert learned the art of German butchery from his father, Klaus, and through apprenticeships in Germany. Sample its amazing steak cuts, wildly tasty beef jerky and German specialties like bratwurst, kielbasa and traditional liverwurst yourself by visiting its shop in Honesdale, open Tuesday through Saturday. 1106 Texas Palmyra Hwy., Honesdale; (570) 253-5899.

Mudpond Farm is a lovely, pick-your-own farm and butcher shop with fantastic meats available in its country general store. Stop by weekdays to indulge in cuts of wagyu beef and to try favorites like cheesy burgers, old fashioned German bologna and hand cut jerky, smoked in house. You can also shop selections online like a Wagyu brisket, flank steak or ribeye. 830 Amasa Rd, Dalton; (570) 222-6328.

Citera Meat Market is a family-owned, traditional butcher shop serving Stroudsburg with smoked products and meat cut daily. Its known for kind, helpful staff and meats with top-notch flavor and tenderness. Citera (formerly Gary’s) is open seven days, offering up smoked meats, roasts, burgers, steaks, poultry, pork and sausage. 1411 Chipperfield Dr. Stroudsburg; (570) 420-9764.

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Devotees of Prime Time Meats count on owner Kenny Peereboom’s expertise and attention to detail. Enjoy steaks, lamb chops, housemade sausages, chicken, smoked meats and an array of flavor boosting sauces. It offers wholesale pigs for roasting and bulk meat packages for a gourmet freezer. Head over Tuesday through Saturday for always-friendly service and reliable quality. 105 Wheatfield Dr., Milford; (570) 296-6064.

Lehigh Valley

In a nondescript little building you’ll find the Allentown Meat Market, a gem of a carnicería with great meats and groceries available in the market and for delivery, too. The “meat plans” are convenient, tasty packs of assorted meat, like pork chops, spare ribs and pepper steak, plus soda and bread to last you weeks. Loyal customers love the more-than-fair prices and the selection of Puerto Rican specialty items. Open seven days a week. 714 Liberty St., Allentown; (610) 774-0160.

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The Allentown Fairgrounds Farmers Market hosts numerous meat merchants, and we’re counting it as a single butcher shop pit stop. Mr. Bill’s Poultry Market, Baringer Bros. Meats, Johnny’s Fresh Meats, Fairgrounds Poultry Market and Clover Farm Fine Meats all provide myriad meaty options. Mr. Bill’s marinated chicken and turkey breasts and sausages and Clover Farm’s specialty burgers are not to be missed. Try out all the options yourself, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at the market, with plenty of baked goods, produce and spirits to complement your protein choice! Stay in the loop on its Facebook page. 1825 Chew St., Allentown; (610) 437-2510.

Carey & Schnalzer Quality Meats butcher shop
Scott Carey of Carey and Schnalzer Quality Meats

Whole animal butcher Carey & Schnalzer Quality Meats allows you to order an entire cow or pig share to enjoy all parts of the PA-raised, house-butchered meat. For the less ambitious (but still plenty hungry), there’s the beef, pork or mixed box with premium steaks and pork cuts, or the quarter beef share, which still provides you with neck, brisket, chuck, shank, rib, short plate, flank, and loin cuts. Trust butchers Scott Carey and Michael Schnalzer for their award-winning quality products. Closed Sunday and Monday. 7291 Autumn Rd., New Tripoli; (484) 601-6220.

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Nello’s Specialty Meats uses old world Sicilian techniques, bringing European style to its butchering and processing craft. Nello’s mouth-watering retail menu includes beef, pork, poultry, hot dogs, sausages and bacon with lamb, bison and veal avalable, too, inside the super-clean shop, open Monday through Saturday. Try the artisan salami, fresh-cut steaks and over 60 house-made sausage choices. Follow along on its Facebook and Instagram pages for specials and a behind-the-scenes look. 500 Schoeneck Ave., Nazareth; (610) 759-0628.

Since 1984, Andre Farms has offered quality fresh and smoked meats in its country markets. Try the black-kettle-cooked country scrapple, wood-smoked bacon and homemade beef and turkey patties for a sure win. It’s open seven days, but closed holidays, so plan ahead for your grilling needs. Fill your basket with meats, plenty of groceries, and even fresh flowers in warmer months. 2638 W Philadelphia Ave., Oley; (610) 689-9181.

Dietrich’s Meats opened its doors in 1975, offering up the country cuts and smoked meats that make it so popular to this day. You can try the rave-worthy scrapple, smoked pork chops and less common meats, like bison and quail. For a full list, check out its online menu and plan your attack. Dietrich’s is open seven days a week. 660 Old U.S. 22, Lenhartsville; (610) 756-6344.


Dave’s Meat Market in North Philadelphia has amassed a following of families shopping there over generations. Besides standard cuts of beef, pork, chicken and turkey, Dave’s has a great variety of specialty meats, like goat meat, Cornish hen and rabbit. The specials include variety packs, like turkey chops, wings, bacon, sausage and ground turkey all together. It’s a busy place, and the staff keeps up with the demand. Dave’s is open Monday through Saturday. 2831 N. 22nd St., Philadelphia; (215) 228-6840.

Prime Halal Meat Market offers Halal meats of exceptional quality from its squeaky-clean Center City shop. It’s owned and operated by Amr Scott, who took over his father Wali’s business. At Prime Halal Meat Market you’ll find Zabiha halal beef, poultry and lamb, slaughtered by hand. The meat is sourced from Amish farms, free of antibiotics, and pasture-raised. Try the steaks, turkey bacon and the variety of lamb cuts. 500 S. 23rd St., Philadelphia; (215) 735-8185.

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At Lombardi’s Prime Meats in South Philadelphia, owner Anthony Lombardi and his team are true professionals, creating a welcoming environment and quality products. Local carnivores flock here for provisions like smokeable beef brisket and ribs, beautiful steak cuts, and milk- fed veal. You can order ahead for pickup or the convenient delivery option. For a family feel and superior meats, head to Lombardi’s any day but Sunday. 1801 Packer Ave., Philadelphia; (215) 334-1212.

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Halteman Family Meats offers a true butcher-shop experience in Philly’s storied foodie hub, the Reading Terminal Market. If the hectic scene spikes your cortisol, Halteman will ship its meats on a dime with its meats reaching you in a day or two. For the full experience, head downtown and order in person, Monday through Saturday. The specialties are smoked bacon (pork, turkey and beef) and scrapple, and its prime beef cuts are hard to beat. You’ll also find exotics, like pheasant sausage and bison, as well as domestic lamb. With the lightning shipping option, an electronic gift card is ideal for your favorite meat-lover. 51 N. 12th St., Philadelphia; (215) 925-3206.

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Esposito’s Meats in the open-air Italian Market of Philadelphia has been in operation well over 100 years. You’ll find beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry and seafood seven days, minus Sundays in July and August. The meat boxes, like the 9th Street Special and Grill Master, give you a choice variety of steaks, patties, chicken and more. There’s also game, like foi gras, Cornish hen and a whole Spanish rabbit. Keep up with this South Philadelphia staple on its Facebook page. 1001 S 9th St., Philadelphia; (215) 922-2659.


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The Meat House Market just over the PA/DE border is a “small business with a huge selection.” It offers 24 types of meat, including beef, pork, poultry, seafood and exotics, like camel, kangaroo, gator and elk, plus BBQ sauces as far as the eye can see. Grab ready-to-heat entrees, strombolis, or a dry rubbed, slow-smoked, family-size brisket for a night off from cooking seven days a week. Pantry and grocery items round out the offerings. Pre-order for curbside, or shop inside this neighborhood butcher 2.0. 200 Wilmington West Chester Pike, Chadds Ford; (610) 910-4030.

Foresta’s Country Meat Market in Phoenixville has been in operation for decades, serving Angus certified beef, farm fresh pork and poultry. The onsite butchery cuts to your specifications and staff will happily suggest recipes and cooking tips. The premade sides, soups, salads and sandwiches all hit a high note. Visit this small but mighty meat market any day of the week. 1098 W Bridge St., Phoenixville; (610) 935-1777.

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Doylestown has an incredible meat source with Haring Brothers Meats, providing beef, pork, poultry, veal, lamb and seafood to the area for 75 years. Many patrons have visited Haring Brothers their whole lives. Fresh-cut-everything means it’s hard to make a wrong choice, but the friendly staff is happy to help you decide if you’re unsure. Changing weekly specials also allow you to stock your freezer with patties, chops, steaks and more. 5484 Haring Rd., Doylestown; (215) 766-8330.

Carl Venezia Fresh Meats is an old school Italian butcher, operating since 1958 with owner Carl Venezia Jr. “Butch” serving his community for over 60 years. You’ll love the pork roast, homemade sausage, and meat cut to order, Monday to Saturday. Head there for the warm service and return for the incredible quality. 1007 Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting; (610)239-6750.

  • Feature photo: Fat Butcher
  • All other photos: Courtesy of their respective businesses