3 Sweet & Savory Baked Brunch Dishes to Rock Your Weekend

Inviting friends over for brunch is all well and good on Friday afternoon when the entire weekend is stretched out in front of you. But come Sunday morning, when the fridge and your energy are both depleted, it can be all too tempting to call the whole thing off. But there’s no need to bail on your plans! Making a hearty, delicious brunch doesn’t have to be a labor-intensive, overwhelming process with dozens of ingredients and the whole sink full of dirty bowls and pans. In fact, one of the best ways to brunch it up sans headache is to make one-pan recipes that can feed and please a crowd.

Savor Recipes has you covered with three sweet and savory, baked brunch dishes that use the oven instead of the stove top. Using local eggs and PA dairy, you’ll have your meal baking away, with time to enjoy an extra cup of coffee before your guests arrive. These are also great solutions to a tailgate or brunch potluck where you want to bring something more than a dozen donuts along! As an added bonus, each one freezes like a dream, so if you plan ahead or make a double batch, you’ll always have a tasty mid-morning meal on deck. Stock up on extra apples and some good Pennsylvania maple syrup to make Apple and Browned Butter Baked Oatmeal; Cheddar Chive Drop Biscuits are perfect with baked eggs and a little salad; and Scrambled Egg and Parmesan Hash Brown Cups combine everyone’s favorite brunch flavors into an eggy, savory muffin, which are also great for quick, healthy breakfasts for kids on the go.

Watch our video to get a better look at these dishes, then head to Savor Recipes to get the full instructions!