How to Make Sweet & Savory Camembert Fruit Panini

What are your thoughts about including fruit in savory sandwiches? It’s a subject we find people are remarkably opinionated on. But whether or not you shudder at the idea of grapes in chicken salad, or you are ready to throw down on the fact that tomatoes are, in fact, a fruit, and they’re a “normal” sandwich ingredient, we ask you to open your mind to this sweet and savory camembert fruit panini.

This recipe, courtesy of the American Dairy Association North East, combines one of our favorite cheese plate combos — gooey, soft-ripened and just-the-right-amount-of-stinky cheese with bright, sweet berries and a swipe of jam. Under the panini press, the cheese begins to melt, and the berries release some of their juices, and the butter-brushed raisin bread gets nice and crisp. A dash of powdered sugar makes this a knockout at brunch, but feel free to omit that step if you want to keep it more on the savory side. And while the recipe calls for a French camembert, you can swap in a local brie-style cheese if that’s more your speed!

Check out our video, and then head here for the full recipe!