Pennsylvania Kitchen at Home: Cocktail Mixers with Notch Modern Kitchen & Bar

If you’re running out of ideas for cocktails to make at home, not to worry! The mixology experts at Notch Modern Kitchen & Bar in Allentown, PA are batching up creative mixers each week to sell online as part of the Asian fusion restaurant’s curbside pick-up menu. These at-home cocktail kits, which are usually available Thursday through Saturday, have proven to be quite popular with Notch’s customers. If you don’t live close enough to Notch for pick-up or delivery, feel free to take inspiration from the unique flavor combinations they’re coming up with, like Lemon Ginger Honey and Cucumber Lime Lavender, and try making your own mixers, DIY-style, at home.

In this video, Notch’s beverage manager, Neil Heimsoth, combines the lemon ginger honey mix with pear sake, and the cucumber lime mix with shōchū, a category of Japanese barley or rice wine, similar to sake but higher in alcohol. These are commonly used spirits at Notch, to accompany its fusion menu, but you can use whatever you’ve got on hand at home — gin, vodka and scotch all work well with the lemon ginger mixer, and vodka and gin are winners with the cucumber lime (add a splash of club soda or tonic water to stretch the mixer even further!).

Try mixing up either of these on a warm evening for perfect spring happy-hour sips!

  • Video: Notch Modern Bar & Kitchen